Justice Tarot Card Meaning

justice tarot card meaning

11 – Justice:

Keywords: Truth, justice, ethics, legal concerns, doing what’s right, assisting the cause of justice, balance between issues, finding a solution

The figure from the Justice card is one we see often in front of courthouses and federal buildings… she is blindfolded and holds the scales in one hand and the two-edged sword in the other. She represents the relentless pursuit of truth and justice… The Rider-Waite card displays the figure a little differently, but the meanings are similar. Often justice and truth have nothing to do with the law, however… While we might see this card in conjunction with legal concerns, ethical issues arrive daily in our lives. This card represents an opportunity to do the right thing. Sometimes the wisdom of Solomon is required to come to a solution that benefits all parties. It is a literal tightrope that we tread, between being overly zealous to the letter of the law and adhering to the spirit of it, thus the additional meaning of balance. Justice is more than applying a set of rules to a situation… it includes thinking outside the box and seeing both sides of an issue.

Justice Card #11

Astrological Sign: Libra


Responsibility, Achieving a Balanced Mind through Logic, Divorce, Decision, Legal and Karmic Justice, Weighing all Sides of an Issue, Receiving Due Recognition, Honesty, Truth, Integrity, Seeking Justice, Contracts, Equity, Impartial, Legal or Financial Documents, A Balance of Making Decisions Through Wisdom and Knowledge, Rightness, Fairness, Virtue, Sometimes Marriage Depending upon the other Cards, Doing the Right Thing, Handling the Situation, Reap What You’ve Sown, Settlements, Justice, Legal Matters, Fair Judgements, Balance, Righting of a Wrong that has been Done to You in the Past, Karma, Being Accountable.


Prejudice, Rough Times in Court, Business Deals that Go Sour, A Rough Divorce, Complicate Negotiations, Not Getting What You Deserve, Abuse, Intolerance, Legal Decisions that Won’t Go Your Way, Being Taken Advantage of, Unwise Choices are Coming Back to Haunt You Now, Bad Karma Coming Back to You – Reap What You’ve Sown, Dishonest Dealings With Others, Things Unfairly Going Against You, ADVICE – Cut Your Losses and Move On, False Accusations, Losing a Court Case, Being Bias, Injustice, Imbalance, Legal Complications and Complicated Tax Affairs, Unfair or Delayed Judgement, Delay, Unfairness, Refusing to Abide by Rules or Laws, Bad Judgement, You’re Not Being Fair, A Vigilante Who Takes Justice into His Own Hands,

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Brianna Stoker

Element: Air Suit: Swords

Justice represents fairness, equality, reasonableness, balance, equilibrium, harmony, right, righteousness, lawfulness, law and order. Having a fair and reasonable attitude. It could represent a draw. Being evenly matched. The balance of power. There is a sense of doing the right thing. In association with Swords it may indicate balanced journalism, fair news reporting. It could also indicate having a good balance of knowledge. Being academically well rounded. Also in association with Swords it may indicate the Justice System, the legal apparatus, the courts, contracts, lawsuits, the police, investigators. In association with Coins it may indicate a fair employer, a fair and reasonable wage. Or it may indicate a fair election, a fair election system. Democracy. Equality of opportunity. It may indicate a reasonable balance between capital and debt. In a cuppey context it may indicate a well-matched couple, a relationship, friendship where the two parties share the same interests, or are of similar education, intelligence, class. In a wandish situation Justice may indicate a stable family. A balanced mix of crops on a farm. A couple evenly matched in passion, desire.

The obvious interpretation of the reversed card is injustice, inequality, unfairness, being unreasonable, inequitable, unbalanced, out of balance, out of kilter, wrong, unlawful, illegal. But there may also be a sense of getting even in the reversed card. Putting things right. Paying someone back. Payback time. Vengeance, revenge. Someone getting their comeuppance. Somone getting what they deserve. This aspect is actually similar to one aspect of Judgement right-side-up, which is obviously retribution. Passing judgment. Perhaps we should see Justice-Reversed as taking the law into one’s own hands. Retribution, but not in a lawful, legal way. There may also be a sense of taking revenge unjustly. For example a lynch mob, stringing someone up without a trial. Somone who they assume must be guilty, but who in fact may have turned out to be innocent, had he in fact had the opportunity of having a fair trial. Justice is a fairly straightforward card though there are a few grey areas between Justice and Judgement.

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