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I get confused what is the difference between the Justice and Judgement card?

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To put it very simply, Justice is justice in the world of man. It is any method of making things right or putting them back into balance. There is also the suggestion that now we are accountable for our actions. This could actually mean accountable by law or to the law. In the world of man, the law decides what’s just or not and legislates the laws. The idea of fairness is also implied in this card. It’s time to be fair; be equitable, divvy things up evenly, even right what’s been wronged by imbalances or excesses. Sometimes it can be a warning against greed and taking too much. It can mean that it’s time to decide what is fair and equitable.

With the Judgement card we have the image of an awakening. Notice how very different the Judgement card is from the Justice card. There is an implication of judging in the Judgement card but it’s a judging that takes place within ourselves. We now can see clearly and are perhaps judging our past actions. The entire card speaks of a leap in consciousness and all that goes with it. Now we feel awe; perhaps even enlightenment. Our conscience may be guiding us at this time to make right whatever we feel we have wronged, so there’s the implied suggestion of atonement or repentance. Many people view this card as a calling; being called to become all you can be. This card has been referred to as a card of being ready to remove Karmic debt.

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