King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

king of pentacles tarot card meaning

King of Pentacles


Patient, Trustworthy and Responsible, Even Temperament, An Authoritative but Fair Man, Jack-of-all-Trades, Somewhat Unadventurous, Is Skillful with his or her Hands, Power, Shrewd, Abundance, Material Success, Financially Stable, Sound Advice, Extremely Hard Worker, Serves as a Rock for others to Lean On, Reliable, Wide Range of Skills and Practical Knowledge, Steady, Conscientious, Thoroughness, Stability, Confident, Can be Counted on in a Crisis, Admired Businessman, A Loyal Husband, Earned success through Hard Work, Concerned with Real Estate, Ownership, Prosperity, Reliable Person, He is Slow to Lose his Temper, He is often Self-Employed, Ambition, Enterprising, Good at Math and Sciences, Slow to Anger, Meets all Commitments and Promises, Material Goods and Properties, Has Regular Habits and Activities, Encourages Others in their Accomplishments and Lends Support, Protection, Loyal Friend, Makes a Vigorous Opponent, Cautious, Sound investments, Is Dependable and Unfailing, Secure Income, Uses Common Sense, Generosity, Discipline, He is Practical and No-Nonsense, Wise Man, Good Provider, Cares Deeply for Family., Inner Strength, Security,


Corruption, Using any Means to Achieve Desired End, May be a Snob to Others, Dull Witted, A Sneaky, Unscrupulous Opponent, Preoccupied with Money, Family Abuse, Dominating, This is a man who will do anything for money, Weakness, Rude, Misuse of Power, Poor Business Sense, Lack of Business Sense, Jealous, Abusive, Impractical, Fraud, Grasping Man, A Man who probably Doesn’t Manage Finances Well, Stubborn, Dishonorable Behavior, Too Occupied with Material Things, Materialistic, Greedy, Unfaithfulness, male gold digger, He may Care only for His Possessions, Vulgar, Taking Bad Financial Risks, Lacking Common Sense, Dishonest, Marries for money, An Workaholic,

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Tarot Goddess

Title: The Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land; The King of the Spirits of Earth
Element: Fire of Earth
Zodiac Sign: 20º Leo to 20º Virgo; August 12 – September 11
Myers-Briggs: ESTJ – The Guardian
Thumbnail Meaning: Maturity, dependability, authority, tenacity, sternness.

As “The King of the Spirits of the Earth,” this card rules over all that the earth gives us: food, and shelter, and the raw material for all our technology and civilization. The bounty of the harvest shows up again and again in depictions of him.

This King can also represent great wealth and prosperity. He is conservative, reliable and unlikely to be carried away by emotion. Within these limits, he can be very generous, especially with those he trusts.

He is not a man given to lofty thoughts or feelings. Like Calvin Coolidge, he believes that “press on” can and will solve all problems of the human race. He may sound like a bit of a sourpuss, but he is not; he quite enjoys life and his wealth.

Others may get frustrated when he doesn’t follow every trend or cause, but he’d rather be true to himself than to fashion.

This card can refer to:

A philanthropist
A manager
A financial advisor
A patient and dedicated leader
A successful entrepreneur

It may also mean:

A tremendous work ethic leading to great payoff
A materialistic focus
The wisdom of success
Waiting without strain for one’s efforts to bear fruit
A harvest

In some contexts, this card can refer to greed. Cards like The Devil and the Seven of Swords bring out this King’s natural cunning, amplify it and turn it on itself. No longer does he succeed for enjoyment, but out of a lustful craving for more and more and more.

Brianna Stoker

The King should represent a mature man – perhaps late thirties to late fifties. You may wish to include an elderly man in the possibilities, but probably the reversed card would be better for representing older age. In terms of Coins he might be a businessman, a senior manager, director, vice president. Any mature office manager. The king might also represent the completion of something, though perhaps not necessarily a completely successful one. The surrounding cards should help to determine the meaning of the card.

For the reversed card, the age group should stay the same. Other than that it’s a straightforward reversal. It might be considered as an unsuccessful conclusion to something.

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