King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

king of swords tarot card meaning
King of Swords


Authority, Often is OverCautious, Is a Moral/Ethical Leader, Diplomatic, An Achiever in What He Does, Often Serves as a Group Spokesperson, Person with Many Ideas and Opinions, Meticulous, Can be Abrasive, He Often has the Last Word, Commonsense and Foresight, He Analyzes any Problem with Ease, Law, A Rational, Sharp, Alert and Inventive Mind, Honest, Applies Reason and Logic, Life May have Left Him Feeling Empty and Scarred, He sits in Judgment, He is usually the Head of a Company, Assertive, Competitive, Quick witted, A Judge, Impartial, Abrupt, He is Professonal, Faithful, Intelligence, Is Knowledgeable, A Powerful Commander, Conservative in Attire Most of the Time, He is an Active and Determined , A Wise Counselor, Militant Intelligence, Generally Tidy by nature, Communicates Ideas Successfully, A Natural Leader, Harsh Attitude Towards Life, Lives By His or Her Highest Principles.


Ruthless, Conflict, An Abuse of Power and Authority, Perversity, Unfavorable Outcome of a Legal Matter, Evil Intention, Underhanded, Devious, Man Capable of Utmost Evil to Achieve his Desires, Cruelty, Decisions or Judgments may seem Unfair, A Dangerous or Wicked Person, Lawsuits, It can indicate Fierce Opposition to your Plans, A Calculating Man, , Domineering, A Man who Tends Anger Easily, Selfishness, An Obstinate Person, loses Self-Control.

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Brianna Stoker

The King should represent a mature man – perhaps late thirties to late fifties. You may wish to include an elderly man in the possibilities, but probably the reversed card would be better for representing older age. He might be a teacher, professor, priest bishop, senior policeman, military officer. The king might also represent the completion of something, though perhaps not necessarily a completely successful one. The surrounding cards should help to determine the meaning of the card.

For the reversed card, the age group should stay the same. Other than that it’s a straightforward reversal. It might be considered as an unsuccessful conclusion to something.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Lord of the Winds and the Breezes; The King of the Spirits of Air
Element: Fire of Air
Zodiac Sign: 20º Taurus to 20º Gemini; May 11 – June 10
Myers-Briggs: INTJ – The Scientist
Thumbnail Meaning: Triumph of the mind.

The King of Swords represents a principled and penetrating intelligence. No longer is the mind forging its own manacles. Now, it is used to cut through confusion and serve a higher purpose.

The King sits comfortably on a throne, facing the viewer. His throne is decorated by butterflies. In the background, trees, birds and clouds are placid. The King holds his sword confidently, ready to strike if necessary––but only if necessary.

This is above all a card of mastery. The King of Swords holds his throne by right; who knows what wars he has had to fight to gain it. Long study and experience has led him to this throne.

As “Fire of Air,” the King will put his thoughts to good use. He knows that one’s thoughts, at length, become one’s destiny, and shapes his thoughts, and thus himself, to be worthy of the throne.

This card can refer to:

A stern but fair commander
Honest, ethical leadership
Living up to a high standard; following one’s guiding voice
Strategizing, planning, with an eye to the best possible outcome
Great insight
A difficult decision or judgement

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