King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


king of wands tarot card meaning

King of Wands


Loyal, Motivation, Sees Both Sides of an Argument, Generous, likes to be Center of Attention, Good at Moral Support, Has Natural Artistic Ability, Believes in Himself, Honest and Conscientious, He is a Family Man, Strength, He is very Personable and Kind, He Jumps in and Creates Results, Passionate, Ambition, Friendly, Humorous, and Encouragement, A Fair Man, Strong Leader, A man who can be Authoritative but Fair, makes Instant Decisions, A very passionate and Virile, Warm, Countryman, Moving Forward in Great Confidence, Responsible.


He has a Ruthless Streak , Ruthless, Exaggerated ideas, Quarrels, He has an Inability to Understand or Appreciate another’s View point, Aggresive, Shy or Withdrawn, Self Righteous, Narrow Minded , Prejudice, Brutal, Cruel, Strict, UnCaring, Demeaning, Arrogant, He is Intolerant, Opposition.

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Brianna Stoker

The King should represent a mature man – perhaps late thirties to late fifties. You may wish to include an elderly man in the possibilities, but probably the reversed card would be better for representing older age. In terms of Wands he might be a doctor, surgeon, head of a hospital. Could be the owner of a Baseball team, or other type of sports team. Might be a coach. A very experienced player. The king might also represent the completion of something, though perhaps not necessarily a completely successful one. The surrounding cards should help to determine the meaning of the card.

For the reversed card, the age group should stay the same. Other than that it’s a straightforward reversal. It might be considered as an unsuccessful conclusion to something.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Lord of the Flame and the Lightning; The King of the Spirits of Fire
Element: Fire of Fire
Zodiac Sign: 20º Scorpio to 20º Sagittarius; November 13 – December 12
Myers-Briggs: ISTP – The Crafter
Thumbnail Meaning: Energetic leadership; masculine power, authority and dominance; determination, decisiveness.

This King never demands respect; it is given to him naturally. He is strong-willed and naturally gets his way. He has almost supernatural charisma and tremendous energy. Of course he has enemies, and he stands up to fight them.

He is quick to take action, even at the expense of foresight. He cares passionately about his people and is quick to anger if they are insulted. Sometimes, he may even think of his people as an extension of himself.

If backed into a corner, threatened or disrespected, he can be overbearing and brutal. He may also turn on a dime, going from generous fellow-feeling to impassioned rage in a blink of an eye.

He is always active, and looking for ways to spend his boundless energy. He is constantly “on fire” with action, much to his staff’s consternation. Unfortunately, this means he does not often contemplate what would be the best course of action, and can get himself, and his kingdom, in trouble in consequence.

In the Rider-Waite tarot, His cape, and his throne, are adorned by salamanders. This is a persistent theme through the court cards of the Suit of Wands. One even looks up at him in the lower right corner. Lions––another motif of this suit––also decorate the back of his throne.

The King of Wands is a bit of a paradox. Though he is master of his feelings, they are also the source of his strength. Because of this, this card can show:

A natural-born leader
A well-respected commander
The “influencer” in a social group; the person who others model themselves after
An alpha male
Someone always on the go

Why, then, does this card correspond with an introverted personality? The short answer is that this King, though naturally authoritative, is not focused on other people. His focus is on action, on himself and on how he can influence the external world.

This does not mean he’s a brat––he can be very cheerful and optimistic. It’s just that his focus is elsewhere.

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