Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

knight of cups tarot card meaning

Knight of Cups


Proposition, the coming or going of an emotional matter, offers, Romantic Dreamer, Seduction, Or making the first step in romance, Arrival, Invitations, Marriage Proposal, Approachment, opportunities, Heading home to the one you love, New Love, Sure and confident, comfortable pace, Showing your feelings, high principles,


Unreliability, Idle, false promises, lies, sadness and gloom, depression, untrustworthy, trickery,

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Brianna Stoker

The Knight could be aged twenty to thirty-something. An artistic talented, gifted young man. A friendly, affable, charming young man. An artist, a musician, a friend, a lover, an actor, an entertainer, a comedian, a novelist, a playwright. Might be a film, recording, theater company executive, manager. Anyone who works in the entertainment industry. There are a couple of other things you can do with Knights to make them more flexible in a reading. You could have them represent journeys, or travel in general. Anything from a short trip to the supermarket to a round-the-world cruise. This card could represent a car journey to the cinema, theater, concert, show, night club, restaurant, circus, fair. It could also represent a vehicle, perhaps including the driver and occupants of the vehicle. In terms of Cups it might be a recreational vehicle, perhaps any run-of-the-mill family car.


The reversed card is essentially a simple vice-versa, though the age-group would remain the same. It could represent an untalented, not artistically inclined young man. A Philistine. A man who has no appreciation or interest in fine art. An unfriendly, perhaps obnoxious young man. A failed novelist, actor, playwright, musician. Could be someone in a supplicant role. A young musician looking for a recording deal, a young actor looking for work. It could still represent a journey, but perhaps a journey that the querent doesn’t really want to make. A tedious journey. In terms of vehicles it could perhaps be an old, beat-up family car. A beat-up old Chevy, Ford, etc.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Prince of the Chariot of the Waters
Element: Air of Water
Zodiac Sign: 20º Libra to 20º Scorpio; October 13 – November 12
Thumbnail Meaning: Indulging in or pursuing egotistical fantasies; poetic abandon and taste; a fierce nature with calm exterior.

This knight cuts an interesting figure. Ideas flow through him endlessly. As a conduit of inspiration, he is sensitive, brooding, imaginative and emotional.

At its best, this card represents intuitive imagination, refined taste and ideal love. At its worst, this card signifies egotism, self-indulgent fantasies, detachment from the world and creative logjam.

Like the Page of Cups, he too is a dreamer, but is much fiercer and far more dangerous than the Page. As the “Air of Water,” this card represents the intellect subordinate to the intuition.

Compare this card to the Queen of Swords, the “Water of Air.” The Queen of Swords represents sagacity, justice and grace; she can refer to a wise leader (of either sex), a straightforward approach or a commitment to the truth. In contrast, the Knight of Cups often represents:

Daydreaming, making idle plans and designs
Being led around by one’s feelings
Feeding the ego at the expense of the soul
Pursuing one’s own vision, “going one’s own way”
A “Hamlet,” prone to excessive brooding, fits of passion and rage
Mood swings

There is much good and bad in this card. Unlike the cool, measured, gracious Queen of Swords, this is a card of intensity and isolation.

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