Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

knight of pentacles tarot card meaning

Knight of Pentacles


Sensible and Dependable, Money may be coming your way, Patient and Hardworking, The ability to Conclude a Task, Travel involving Work, insists on Perfection, Proceeds Slowly and Carefully, A Very Traditional Person, Work always Comes First, Focused on Practical Matters, A Man who is Good with Money, Perseverance and Stamina, Trustworthy, Capable Manager, Accepting of Responsibilities, Clever in Monetary Affairs, Patience, Persistence Leading to Reward, Sets Financial Goals , Loyal, Takes Care of every Detail, Must have His or Her own Way, Accepting of Responsibilities,Hard Worker, Hard Worker, The Focus is on Money , is Meticulous, Steady Progress, Can Resist Compromise, Determined, Stands Firm against Opposition, Never Leaves a Job Half Done, Thoughtful, Too Conservative, Serious, focus on Financial Stability, Responsibility, Hardheaded and Obstinate,


Impatience, A Greedy and Grasping Person, One who gets Power by Suppressing Others, Laziness, Lack of Progress, Narrow-Mindedness, Lack of Determination, Timidness, A man who may Not be Very Good at Finances, Irresponsible, Person Sometimes Self Satisfied and Smug, Stagnation, Money Problems, Lack of Direction, Idleness, A Standstill in Affairs, Carelessness, Carelessness, Greed,

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Brianna Stoker

This could be aged twenty to thirty-something. A A well-off young man. A young business man. A rich young man. There are a couple of other things you can do with Knights to make them more flexible in a reading. You could have them represent journeys, or travel in general. Anything from a short trip to the supermarket to a round-the-world cruise. The Knight of Coins could represent a car journey to the city. To a company headquarters. A trip to the office. A trip to an election rally. It could also represent a vehicle, perhaps including the driver and occupants of the vehicle. In terms of Coins it might be a company car. An expensive car – Merc, BMW, Lexus. A big truck owned by a major company. An armored car.

The reversed card is essentially a simple vice-versa, though the age-group would remain the same. It could represent a poor, badly- off young man. A young man who’s business is not successful. It could still represent a journey, but perhaps a journey that the querent doesn’t really want to make. A tedious journey. In terms of vehicles it could perhaps be a car for sale. It could represent a car lot.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Prince of the Chariot of Earth
Element: Air of Earth
Zodiac Sign: 20º Aries to 20º Taurus; April 11 – May 10
Myers-Briggs: ISTJ – The Inspector
Thumbnail Meaning: Determination, endurance, devoted performance of a duty; physical strength, persistence, responsibility.

The Knight of Pentacles represents dedication to a dream. He toils away at “lowly” work, knowing and trusting that it is in the service of something higher.

He might sound like an idealized “contented serf,” with the injury and misery airbrushed out of the picture. On the contrary, the Knight works for something beyond survival. Perhaps he wants to give his children a better future, to live honorably or to escape from his circumstances.

This Knight never gives up. He is very meticulous, thorough and patient. Hard work and ugly truth are not obstacles for him; he will simply face them and do what he must. You can take him at his word; if he says he’ll do something, he will do it.

This card can refer to:

A workaholic
A responsible, reliable person
The unglamorous side of pursuing a dream, e.g. going from audition to audition, cleaning and setting up equipment, working a day job to help make it happen
Overwork, especially work that leads one off the best path
A practical person
The practical, material aspects of something

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