Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

kknight of swords tarot card meaning
Knight of Swords


Can Be Critical, Can’t Hold His or Her Tongue, Is Tactless and Rude, Must have the Last Word, Does Not Spare the Feelings of Others, Brilliant Intellect, Can Cut Off Emotions, Represents a Young Man with a Fiery Spirit who Tends to Sweep People Off of their Feet., Lacks Tolerance, Skill, Always at his/her Best in a Difficult Situation, A Call to Action, Assertive, Aggressive, Lacks Sensitivity, Ambition, A Person With a Strong Intellect, Commands Attention, Resistance, Leadership, Opposition – Bravely Faces Opposition, Arrogant, A Skillful and Clever Person, Is Frank and Outspoken, Prepared to Fight with Skill and Courage, Tendency to Dominate, It’s Time to Stop Talking and Start Doing, Stands Up for His/Her Beliefs, Original Mind, Innovative Thinking, Defence, Strong Imagination, Debates and Argues Well, Headstrong Rush into the Unknown Without Fear, An Unexpected Coming or Going of a Matter., War, Believes He or She is always Right, Bravery, There Might be a Need for a Mental/Physical Show of Strength, Focus on Making Your Point, Gives an Honest Answer, Analyzes Information Well,


Impulsive Mistakes, Spying, little opinion of Women, A Starter But Not a Finisher of Things, Incapacity, Extravagance, Fierce in Action But With Little Staying Power, Defensive, Meanness, Conceited Fool, Tends to be Happy One Instant and Angry in the Next, Sly and Deceitful, Holds Little Opinion of Others, Dishonesty, A Young Man Who’s Moods are often Extremes, All Style No Substance, Problems May be shown, But this Depends on the Surrounding Cards, Impatience, Reckless, A Crafty and Secretive Person, Someone Who is Impetuous,

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Brianna Stoker

This could be aged twenty to thirty-something. An ambitious, strong willed, determined man. A well-educated, bright young man. A teacher, a scientist, a researcher, a technician. He could be a policeman, or a military man. There are a couple of other things you can do with Knights to make them more flexible in a reading. You could have them represent journeys, or travel in general. Anything from a short trip to the supermarket to a round-the-world cruise. The Knight of Swords could represent a car journey to take children to school. The driver, the children, and the vehicle itself could be represented by the Knight of Swords. It could also represent a vehicle. In terms of Swords it might be a police car, a military vehicle, anything from a jeep to a battleship. Might be a van or truck from the telephone company. Perhaps a TV company broadcasting van.

The reversed card is essentially a simple vice-versa, though the age-group would remain the same. It could represent a criminal, a burglar, a mugger. Perhaps a dim, or uneducated man. It could still represent a journey, but perhaps a journey that the querent doesn’t really want to make. A tedious journey. In terms of vehicles it could be perhaps a stolen car, a damaged car, perhaps a road accident. In military terms it might represent an enemy tank or truck.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Prince of the Chariot of the Waters
Element: Air of Water
Zodiac Sign: 20º Libra to 20º Scorpio; October 13 – November 12
Thumbnail Meaning: Indulging in or pursuing egotistical fantasies; poetic abandon and taste; a fierce nature with calm exterior.

This knight cuts an interesting figure. Ideas flow through him endlessly. As a conduit of inspiration, he is sensitive, brooding, imaginative and emotional.

At its best, this card represents intuitive imagination, refined taste and ideal love. At its worst, this card signifies egotism, self-indulgent fantasies, detachment from the world and creative logjam.

Like the Page of Cups, he too is a dreamer, but is much fiercer and far more dangerous than the Page. As the “Air of Water,” this card represents the intellect subordinate to the intuition.

Compare this card to the Queen of Swords, the “Water of Air.” The Queen of Swords represents sagacity, justice and grace; she can refer to a wise leader (of either sex), a straightforward approach or a commitment to the truth. In contrast, the Knight of Cups often represents:

Daydreaming, making idle plans and designs
Being led around by one’s feelings
Feeding the ego at the expense of the soul
Pursuing one’s own vision, “going one’s own way”
A “Hamlet,” prone to excessive brooding, fits of passion and rage
Mood swings

There is much good and bad in this card. Unlike the cool, measured, gracious Queen of Swords, this is a card of intensity and isolation.

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