Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

knight of wands tarot card meaning
Knight of Wands


Loves Travel and New Experiences, Change of home adress, May Boast and Brag, A journey, Always the Charmer, Energetic, Swiftness, Self-Assured, Daredevil, Exaggerates Accomplishments, Loves being a Hero, Angers Easily, Don’t expect a Deep Commitment , Jumps in with Both Feet, Won’t Stop to Smell the Roses, Has a Can-Do Attitude, A lover of Action, The Coming or Going of a Matter is of much Concern., Can’t Set down Roots or Make Ties, Opportunity leading to change, Often Acts Without Thinking, Strength, Departure, May have a Chip on her or his Shoulder, Impulsive, Strong Opinion, Is Convinced of her or his Talent, Pursues Sexual Conquests,


Cowardice, A Man who seems Withdrawn, Broken Relationships., Cancelled Plans, Delayed Journeys, Unexpected or Unwanted Change, Someone Very Shy, Jealousy, Interruption, Work Interrupted, Suspicion, Refusal to Accept the Natural order of things, Idleness, Narrow-Mindedness, man possibly Angry, Discord.

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Brianna Stoker

This card could be aged twenty to thirty-something. An athletic, fit, healthy, good-looking young man. A robust, strong man. A doctor, a sportsman, an athlete, a farmer, someone who owns or works for a small business. There are a couple of other things you can do with Knights to make them more flexible in a reading. You could have them represent journeys, or travel in general. Anything from a short trip to the supermarket to a round-the-world cruise. The Knight of Wands could represent a car journey to the countryside. To visit a farm. A trip to a hospital or clinic. A trip to a sports or athletics event. A trip to the supermarket. A shopping trip. It could also represent a vehicle, perhaps including the driver and occupants of the vehicle. In terms of Wands it might be an ambulance, some vehicle transporting medicines. Could be a vehicle to do with a farm – a tractor, a combine harvester, a truck loaded with vegetables, farm animals. May be a vehicle to do with building and construction – a Caterpillar, a bulldozer, a crane, a dump truck. Could be a vehicle to do with maintenance, repair, cooking, cleaning, general household. Could be a laundry truck, a Rent-o-Kill van, a van owned by a small garage/car repair company. Any van with ladders on top, carrying tools, workmen.

The reversed card is essentially a simple vice-versa, though the age-group would remain the same. It could represent a patient in a hospital or clinic. A weak, unhealthy, ugly young man. It could still represent a journey, but perhaps a journey that the querent doesn’t really want to make. A tedious journey. In terms of vehicles it could perhaps be a car wreck. A car accident.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Prince of the Chariot of Fire
Element: Air of Fire
Zodiac Sign: 20º Cancer to 20º Leo; July 12 – August 11
Myers-Briggs: ESTP – The Doer
Thumbnail Meaning: Sudden inspiration, inspired enthusiasm, acting on an idea, adventure, eagerness, zeal.

The Knight of this card is eager to put his plans into practice. He feels inspired, confident and full of energy.

In the Rider-Waite tarot, he is literally aflame with passion. Flame-like plumes shoot out of his helmet and the joints in his armor. His surcoat is covered in salamanders, an elemental fire symbol, in the shape of an ouroboros––alchemical symbol of eternity.

This Knight has a great lust for life––and for work. Once he has an idea, he will work untiringly to see it carried out. However, he can overestimate his abilities, and take on more than he can handle, leading to burnout.

As “Air of Fire,” he is constantly on fire with ideas, plans, projects and possibilities. He is quick to anger, and a passionate defender of everything important to him. He is quick to act. His passions can take him far––but towards the gutter, or the stars? That is up to him.

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