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It’s my main deck for years. If I want straightforward, quick answers that’s the deck I use. If someone wants a reading from me chances are I am gonna use this deck, because I feel very comfortable reading with it. If I read for myself and I want more complex answers then I use Thoth.It’s not that the Legacy of the Divine can’t give you complex answers, but it’s the type of deck I expect to say “Hell yes” or “Hell no” in very obvious manner.

 I like it. There is the astrology signs present in the imagery. And its beautiful vibrant colours. I just haven’t used it much to read with yet.

A little thoughts concerning Legacy of the Divine” tarot, which i purchased a couple of days ago. It does follow the RW system pretty well. Like all creators, Marchetti has added a few things to the cards which does increase the overall depth of the deck as a whole. Some of us are more of an “intuitive” type of reader than others, and I do feel the deck will serve an intuitive reader quite well.

I love the deck when I first got it I wasn’t that impressed I think the tin card stock put me off, but I really like the deck, its RWS themed and so pretty, and the book with it is great too.

 I had this deck and didn’t feel a connection and traded new decks with a friend, she had just bought the Tarot Illuminati and didn’t connect. I may just find myself re-purchasing this one!

That’s my favorite deck too… In fact I’ve already worn one out (I still use it at home though because I can’t ever part with it), so I’m on my second one for public readings. You will not be disappointed with this deck. Lots of symbology and wonderful pictures that speak volumes

I just got the update to Ciro Marchetti’s Legacy of the Divine Tarot Android app and all I can say is WOW.

I have been using (and loving) the program since I got it last weekend, and the only thing that was missing was the cards enlarging in the Spreads. It is working now, and this is the new “go to” tarot app on my tablet. It is magnificent.

If you have not seen this amazing app, check it out on the Amazon Store, or that ‘i’ thing that some people have. It is a little more expensive than other apps, but the audio and video are superb, and the ability to create a spread and save the readings is the best I have seen so far. The sheer beauty of the cards is worth the price!

It’s the first CGI deck I ever bought, I bought the book deck set. It is my favourite that Ciro has done…so far. I really like the cards and the book has some really great tarot authors in it. Ciro’s story is cool too

You know when you see a popular Tarot deck that you could’ve cared less about once upon a time, but now you see it and something about it just clicks with you this time around? Yea, totally happening to me with this deck right now.

Questions and Answers:

Q: I have heard the card quality is bad, is that true?

A: I have the Legacy of the Divine & my cards are going strong, they are now 3 years old with 1 previous owner who used them too. I have no problem with them & they are used as my main deck. From my experience I would say not to worry. Other readers have said the same thing.


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Becky Rodriguez

The images on this deck are just amazing. Ciro’s decks are so vivid and I love vivid pictures. They allow me to close my eyes and picture the deck in my subconsciousness. Sounds strange, but since one of my hobbies is creative writing (mainly poetry, but lately I’ve been working on a story), when I do use tarot as a tool for plots and characters, I want to be able to look at the card, let my soul sink it in and paint the picture in my subconsicous when I meditate.

    Becky Rodriguez

    Yes, I like the way they speak to me. They are full of information and mystery. As if I could get many different meanings from one card. Of course that can always happen but with these cards it is bound to happen. I have been working with them almost every day now for a couple of weeks. There is a freshness about them yet still deep meaning can come through. My next deck is going to be the Gaian Tarot… as soon as it is finished. I can’t wait. Her art work is beautiful still very unique for a tarot deck. Much softer than the Legacy deck but I believe they will prove to be just as powerful at provoking

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