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At the time of this writing, there are currently hundreds of members online at Lotus Tarot, and the esteemed site has offered well over 47 million online readings. These numbers will only further increase with time, as they have exponentially since the creation of the site. For those unfamiliar with them, the site is the largest and most popular source of free tarot card readings on the internet. Tarot cards have provided a vital link between mortality and mysticism for hundreds of years, and never before in the history of the cards have their service and guidance been as widely available as it is through Lotus Tarot.

We live in a distressing era. The modern epoch is rife with adversity. Many live their lives in confusion, desperate for council. The challenges faced by the people of this century are unprecedented. It has achieved great success because it provides an intimate service to thousands of people. The role It plays in the lives of many is that of the sage adviser. Countless persons refer to their site to seek truth beyond what is available to their senses. Through the free service of the site, many find comfort in their futures.

The site boasts that tarot card readings free your mind and those who employ them fully agree. For those with troubled emotions and clouded thoughts, It is a source of guidance and council. The future is the greatest fear of many, and the daily application of card readings provides one with a map in which to navigate the unknown. The site allows a person to enjoy a daily comfort, a moment of bliss as the dimensions are made known to them through free readings.

The readings offered at the website provide an important service. While the closeness of sitting beside a mystic who is skilled at the methodology of the tarot will always be ideal, few people have regular access to such a person. The site was created to allow anyone to enjoy a free substitute, designed for accuracy in readings and interpretations. The designers of the site intend for it to be a resource to everyone, a gift to all persons who seek guidance in the challenge and confusion of existence.

The main service they provide is free tarot card readings. Registration is not necessary, although it is encouraged. There are no obnoxious ads on the site, something its creators take pride in. The site was not designed to generate revenue, but to provide a service. Registration at the site is free and simple. The process can be done in a matter of seconds, and provides the user with access to two features unique to members, additional spreads that will allow for the discovery of one’s personal court card, and a Daily Tarot Rhythm spread.

It may be used to answer specific questions in your live, or to provide a response to broad issues you face. The positions of the cards demonstrate a wealth of information, such as how you feel about yourself and things in life that are going against you. Lotus Tarot encourages you to use this knowledge to further your own success and happiness.

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