Lunar or Solar Eclipse Effects on Charts?

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I was wondering if someone could enlighten me on the subject of eclipses and the chart. Particularly, prenatal solar eclipses. Do these affect a person’s chart if they are born in a part of the world that the would-be partial or full solar or lunar eclipse was made visible? For instance, the only relevant eclipse (in fact the last total solar eclipse) was in February of 1979. I was born in summer on 79 in Europe. We did not see the total solar eclipse at the time. Would this even still transcend space and still affect a person’s chart or not? I have a book on eclipses, but it has yet not answered my own personal query about eclipses and the effect on charts

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well, prenatally, i know that eclipses pull on the fluids of the body, so there’s certainly a physiological thing happening w/eclipses. plus the moon rules the stomach, breasts, fluids of the body.i think it depends upon what your belief is about a prenatal being – does it perceive? does it decide? bc the new moon solar eclipses are about new seeds, new growth. it would certainly affect the mother, and the baby is stoaked in her energies and vibes the entire doesn’t matter if you view the eclipse where you are on the earth, it shows up in the chart regardless. i know i didn’t see any of the eclipses last summer and they certainly affected me!

There is a good book out on Eclipses by Celeste Teal. I learned alot reading it, and seem to pull the book out most every time an eclipse comes along.

Also here is a set of youtube videos that are great on this very topic , just find the sign the is in question Prenatal eclipses on you tube

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