Mars Retrograde In Birth Chart

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My natal Mars is in the sign of it’s rulership, Aries, and in the fifth house. When I first learned that my Mars was in Aries I thought that it must have been wrong, since I’ve never thought of myself as having the sort of characteristics that would entail. But when I realized that it’s in the fifth house, it made some sense because the fifth house expresses artistic talents and creativity, two areas I think I definitely act with much enthusiasm and adventurousness! When I learned I had Mars Rx, it all came together for me since most of these characteristics show themselves in an inward manner… I use Astrolog and it said that “this is a major aspect of their psyche”, and I can certainly say I feel that’s true. This has got me very interested, and I’m out to soak up all the knowledge I possibly can. Specially retrograde Mars.

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