Mars Retrograde in the birth chart

By Becky Rodriguez | Astrology

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Hello all! I’m new to these sites. I’ve been studying astrology as a hobby for about a year now (though I’ve had a real interest in it for as long as I can remember), and recently I’ve become interested with the retrograde Mars in my chart (birth data: September 16, 1988 at 11:06AM in Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA

My natal Mars is in the sign of it’s rulership, Aries, and in the fifth house. When I first learned that my Mars was in Aries I thought that it must have been wrong, since I’ve never thought of myself as having the sort of characteristics that would entail. But when I realized that it’s in the fifth house, it made some sense because the fifth house expresses artistic talents and creativity, two areas I think I definitely act with much enthusiasm and adventurousness! When I learned I had Mars Rx, it all came together for me since most of these characteristics show themselves in an inward manner… I use Astrolog and it said that “this is a major aspect of their psyche”, and I can certainly say I feel that’s true. This has got me very interested, and I’m out to soak up all the knowledge I possibly can. I would *greatly* appreciate any insight a more experienced astrologer could provide me with! Does anyone have any comments/thoughts/relevant websites that could help me understand exactly what this means in my chart? thanks!Smile


I have a retrograde Mars in Sagittarius in the 4th house… I have always had problems standing up for myself, until recently… I don’t have problems controlling my temper when I get upset… YES, I do HAVE a temper… NO, I don’t think that I carry repressed anger… but it takes me awhile to build up to an explosion… then it’s over. I do tend to get more angry about things with myself than with others.

Recently however, Pluto has been conjuncting my Mars and several things have happened… First of all, I’ve been standing up for myself… In fact this past weekend when Mars sextiled Pluto and my Mars (also squaring my Chiron & Uranus and conjunct my Neptune/opposed my moon) I got into a knock down, drag out fight with my exgf… This would not have happened previously…

The other thing that has been happening with the Pluto conjunction is a ‘spiritual empowerment’… There you have the “channelling of energy to a higher purpose”..


I think my natal retro Mars in the 5th house is responsible for my inhibitions. I’m well past the teen years but still feel as inexperienced as a very young person. There’s a lot of frustration, such as being attracted to people who don’t reciprocate, and then being pursued by people who turn me off. The whole 5th house realm is out of kilter for me. However, my Mars is in the sign of Gemini, and I do express myself very articulately and even aggressively at times, especially in writing — “the pen is mightier than the sword” and all that. It’s just all the other stuff … Undecided


It is helpful to me to take a look at progressions for myself and for my family to see if a planet goes direct over time when it is retrograde at birth. I try to look at the progressions in an ephemeris. It gives me a chance to look (generally I use a day for a year of life) at the overall pattern of the speed of the planets. It can make a big difference if the planet is stationary or just barely retrograde or deeply retrograde or coming out of retrograde. At least, that’s my experience with planets and their speed and direction in my life. The years where a planet stations seem to be significant years in particular, but the changing of direction by progression usually seems to change that energy in my life and in the lives of others that I’ve watched, studied, etc. It’s one of the first things I look at with natal charts. In some ways, it helps me with planning ahead. I once had Mars retrograde station by transit on my IC. That was probably my closest experience to Mars retrograde. It was a deeply personal experience. We moved during that time, and much emotion went into the move taking us back to our past, etc. There was also some frustration over various factors beyond our control – related to the place we were moving away from.

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