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I am new to reading the tarot cards, I am studying the r/w tarot cards and I was wondering when you are doing a reading and you read the literature that explains what the card is about and it says it could sometimes mean this particular subject or it can mean that. How do you know for sure what meaning of the card is pertaining to that particular reading? Meaning which meaning could it be? Also, I was wondering can the meanings to the tarot cards osho zen be the same meanings or likeness to the r/w tarot? Are they two different meanings all together?

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brings a completely different slant to the interpretation of the cards, as well as some entirely new cards. You find some of more modern tarot decks really do movea long way from the originals (which is not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion cos I feel some earlier interpretations were too black and white)

As for which meaning…first look at cards near the one you are attempting to interpret…are there any common threads there? Also listen to your own intuition…you know far more than you think you know. Then keep notes of HOW you interpreted the cards, and compare results against these. Gradually you’ll find threads emerging where you have perhaps been absolutely spot on…others where you missed the mark completely…but with the benefit of hindsight you can see how.

Also if you can,  check out “The 78 degrees of Wisdom.

Above all don’t concern yourself too much with ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ just now. Any work you do familiarizes you more and more with your deck. As your understanding grows so will your confidence.

R/W= rider waite tarot

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