Most Frustrating Tarot Decks

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In this video Culain ruled by Venus goes over what he considers to be the most frustrating tarot decks available right now. One question we get asked a lot about here on the site is what tarot deck would be best for beginners. I can tell you  by the video that’s above these are the ones you don’t want to start out with. With that out of the way it should also be mentioned that there are frustrating decks for even the seasoned readers.

One thing to note is that when it comes to the frustration that some people have with tarot decks it’s not always due to different interpretations of the cards, but can also be other things. For instance some tarot decks are rather huge in size of the cards. Whereas in other decks there might be a thickness problem in the actual size of the cards. In some cases people also find the card visuals to be frustrating as they don’t match the previous deck that they’ve used.

When it comes to the interpretations not every tarot deck can be interpreted the same way. For instance some tarot decks will rename some of the major Arcana, and others have been known to change the different suits.

What about you? What to you is the most frustrating tarot deck? Or what is it about a certain deck that you find is a frustrating quality? Let us know below!

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