My Personal Journey into Tarot

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I’m really, really new to tarot – only about a year of earnest studying. I initially started more out of curiosity than anything else. Also, I tend to be analytical – sometimes to my own detriment.

About three years ago I bought a book and a tarot deck. I started reading the book and soon realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere! I felt overwhelmed by all the interpretations and symbolism. To make it short, I put the cards away.

Six months later, while moving to a new apartment, I found the cards and book buried in a box in the back of a closet. I tried again, still no luck. As fate would have it, shortly after my second “assault on the cards”, a very traumatic event happened to my family and me. It was (and still is) the kind of event that leaves you numb and reeling from the shock.

A few months later, I came across that same box, in the back of a different closet, and dug out the cards and book. This time I was determined; I wanted answers! I wanted to know why! Why! WHY! I struggled with readings, not having a clue to what I was doing, and not getting the answer to the question I was desperately asking – I was getting an answer (through a glass darkly), to the question I SHOULD have been asking. I knew then that the answer I needed was in the cards; I had to learn what question to ask.

I put the book away and started by just looking at each card until I could spontaneously call each one by name and associate it with the picture. I didn’t try to “interpret” any of them, I just wanted be on friendly, familiar terms with each and every one.

Next, I started the “getting to know you” phase. This meant a lot of looking, listening and keeping my mouth shut (not asking questions). I still am, and in many ways will always be, in this stage of looking and listening.

The cards gave me the first question I needed to ask. That question is, “Show me the way to know myself, and in doing so, show me the way I need to go.” For just as the Fool, I am beginning a journey.

You can learn that tarot!

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