How to you recapture the feeling of excitement when learning that tarot?

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When I first started learning tarot There was this feeling of excitement on learning what each card means and reading about it… there was a very special feeling but for a very long time the feeling has left… How can I tap into this feeling again?

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While it’s very important to study the cards, you want to focus more on the detail of the picture then what the definition in the accompanying booklet says. Some are more comfortable starting with the book’s definition and then expanding on it as they learn, but I think it’s best if you study the pictures on the cards and pay attention to the feeling it stirs up in you. Each individual card is a story in itself.

The best way to capture that excited feeling is to sit down with people and give readings. Let them know you are practicing, and would like to practice on them. When you conclude, ask them how accurate you were. That’s when it is most exciting — as you hear again and again that you were accurate and as you learn a little more each time how to concentrate and use the cards better

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