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I love the images, but the cards are small and the very detailed images are kind of dark. Wish they were bigger and brighter. I love the book. It asks questions.

I liked the pics but it didn’t work for me personally, however I have a chum who uses it for her main deck and ADORES it. Hope you find a similar bond

I got it for a present one Christmas. I like it but I have seen it with white boarders, not the cepia ones. But I like it. It was my first introduction to Ms Barbara Moore

It was one of my first decks. the artwork isn’t necessarily what I would consider amazing, but nevertheless it was one my favorites. This may be because I had a couple of experiences with this deck where I came to understand the power of the tarot. I would often get answers that stunned me… or perhaps “stung” me is a better word

I found it to be a very accessible and clear deck with which to read. The art is more warm and comfortable than “wow” or edgy, but that works for me. The book is well-written. The whole set would be a good starter set, or addition to one’s established reading arsenal.

I have to add, “not edgy” meaning no overtly naked, esoteric, or creepy imagery. It’s not blah or too sweet, either. It is the standard RWS imagery, but in a misty, surreal dreamscape. The artist created a delightfully otherworldly place, in color tones that feel warm and inviting to me.

I love it! For me it speaks very straightforward in my face which I like. And there are new elements/details I notice every time I use it. Like Barbara Moors’s book that came with it a lot also.

Mystic Dreamer has a lot of sepia toned and gray scale scenes; I like the effect. True to the name, it is wonderfully dreamlike and atmospheric. I also like the predominantly female imagery, even for the traditionally male archetypes (e.g., the Magician, Devil, and the knights). The wide, parchment-style borders were a disappointment for many, but I like the look. My only issue is the distant-looking scenes; they are smallish and feel out of reach sometimes. Though the MDT adheres to the Waite-Smith motif, I still don’t always recognise the more unique details.

I only have the Mystic Dreamer app and it is a wonderful deck and reads like a dream — pun intended. I have a bunch of apps and carry a deck with me but I use this app when I need some Important input when out and about. keep forgetting to get the deck because the app is so good. I love this deck!!!! Even if phone size.

The key to this deck is the careful examination of each of the faces. The expressions tell the story. It is the only deck I’ve ever seen where the figures give meaning through facial expressions (I can’t say that part enough.) The artwork is beautiful and the internet doesn’t do it justice. When I go through the deck; I get a feeling of each of their personalities. So it feels almost like you’re conversing with them instead of simply just another tarot deck. Barbara Moore’s companion book mirrors what I’ve said. It’s something I noted before reading the book that came with it. (I always look at a deck and form my opinions before seeing what others have written about it. Often times I end up thinking mostly along the same lines so it works out.) I appreciate the fact that the deck covers many varieties of feelings. Plus if one likes Faefolk it’s a definite must. If you don’t like Faefolk, at least give it a look. It’s not awash with great amounts of fluttery fluffy winged figures. It shows them in many aspects. It contains whimsy, seriousness, love and war, sadness and cheer: basically encompassing the Fae quite nicely. In short: totally recommended.

I have it and it is lovely, the companion book is as always a marvellous work. I did find it a little odd that the same people are used and repeated, so when played out together, it can either be detracting or enhancing


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Becky Rodriguez

I’ve had the Mystic Dreamer for months, even have the cards scanned, but have been loathe to review it. Believe it or not, positive reviews are much more enjoyable to write than ones that will be critical. There are some nice elements to the cards, but the borders are too big. The companion book could have been better–more intelligent (and less repetitive) questions for exploring intuitive information. It’s a very readable deck, though; I’ve had accurate, insightful readings with it.

I chose the Mystic Dreamer Tarot and the Enchanted Oracle b/c I felt
really drawn to those as I went through all the different ones. I kept coming
back to those two.

For me, I am wanting to gain personal insight through the cards, guidance, and
reflection of the past,present and future.

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