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I used to have a copy of this. I thought it would be a nice dark deck for days when you just feel Argh! I ended up selling it though. Is never read the books so just couldn’t relate to it. It didn’t feel nasty and the artwork was nice enough but I just couldn’t make any sense of it without thee background from the books.

I’ve always loved this deck. The deep colours, intense scenes. I’m a Lovecraft fan all my life (not just a lukewarm fan, an obsessed one, collector type lol). That said this deck is REALLY based on Tyson’s own books based on Lovecraft. They were a bit sneaky in how they packaged it, Lovecraft being a huge draw nowadays. But if you go into this deck knowing that (if you’re a huge fan & bought because of the mythos) you won’t be so disappointed or upset. The best Lovecraft Tarot out there IMO is the Dark Grimoire. The art & colours in that one capture so vividly the creeping dread atmosphere that Lovecraft was the master at. HIGHLY recommended.

As a longtime mythos fan, I had to have this deck. To tell the truth, I was a little disappointed. I don’t feel that he really made the best use of the material. The artwork is good and some cards are downright creepy. It would be excellent for giving readings during an rpg but otherwise I wouldn’t use it for anyone but another Lovecraft fan.

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I love this deck…but I’m a Cthulu rpg player so this was great.

I haven’t had time yet to read the book….which is apparently third in a series by Donald Tyson.

The images are rich and scary…the minors are setup like a story picture book with the same characters through out.

It’s nifty.

Trace Adrer

I saw this at the local bookstore and I felt it was too close to the
Vampire tarot, one of them, and really didn’t have much to add. Sorry.


Do you know the story of The Necronomicon? The images, some, are rather
beautiful, but this would definitely be a deck for those who are prone towards

Yes, it’s lovely allright. Right down to the Ace of Cups, one of the warmest and
most munificent in the minor arcana, but in this deck the rose inside the
chalice is spewing blood.

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