Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

nine of swords tarot card meaning
9 of Swords


Slander, Hopelessness, Making Yourself Sick over your Troubles, Gloom, Brooding, Having Sleepless Nights, Wanting to Cry, Suffering in Silence, Refusing to Forgive Yourself….Being Hard on Yourself, Failure, Scandal, Sucide Thoughts, Anxiety, Powerlessness, Stress-induced Nightmares that can affect one’s health, Feeling you’ve Reached your Limits, Mental Anguish, could mean death, Worry, Going Over and Over an Issue, Disappointment, Shame, Misery, Premonitions and Bad Dreams, Alone, Depression, Dispair, Guilt, Fears may be the Problem, Getting Overwhelmed by Remorse, Doubting all will go Well.

This Card can also Represent a Miscarriage.


Coming Out of a Depression, Getting Back into the Swing of Things, Forgiving Yourself, Coming to Terms with Issues, Still some Feelings of Shame or Doom (above meanings)But Not as Severe, The Nightmare is Ending, Breakthrough, Time to Begin Recovery, Learning to Focus Positive Thoughts to Shake Off Despair, Being able to Sleep, Patience, Healing over Time,

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a figure sitting up in bed weeping. Behind the figure, nine horizontally placed Swords are fixed to a black wall. The immediate impact of the card is one of sorrow. The image gives no clue as to the cause of the sorrow, but from the black background we can assume grief, possibly because of the death of a loved one, possibly through the breakdown of a relationship. For the cause of the suffering, we have to rely on the radiance of the surrounding cards. In this particular case, it’s probably of some help to consider the image not in terms of what is there, but rather, in terms of what is absent. For example, there is no one sharing the bed, possibly indicating loneliness and isolation. There is no window in the scene, and therefore no light. There are no possessions. Absolutely none. There is no bedside light, no pictures or ornaments, no carpet on the floor. Perhaps this is an indication of poverty. This is a card of Misery, Desolation, Grief, Sorrow, Regret, Despair, Desolation, Devastation.

he reversed card suggests recovery from grief. Still, in reversed form the feeling of sorrow still persists strongly, so it may be the case that the querent is in the process of recovering from Grief, Bereavement, Regret, Sorrow, Despair. The tears have now dried up, but the memories and the pain still persist. The reversed card may indicate a chink of light. Perhaps a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. (Which may turn out to be an on-coming train.) A glimmer of light, perhaps a feint hope, but by no means a certain recovery.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Despair and Cruelty
Element: Air
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Decan: Mars in Gemini; June 1 – 10
Thumbnail Meaning: Despair, cruelty, pitilessness, malice, suffering, loss, a sense of doom.

The Nine of Swords––one of the gloomiest cards in the whole tarot deck––is also one of its most important cards. it represents two of the most awful things a living being can experience: cruelty and despair.

The suit of Swords is traditionally associated with the intellect. Like a sword, intelligence is enormously useful when wielded wisely. This card shows intellect unbalanced and turned against itself.

Heavy? Definitely. Let’s step back for a moment. This card can also represent nightmares––see the picture at right. In it, a woman is sitting up in bed, her face in her hands. Perhaps she’s woken from a bad dream, is grieving or remembering something terrible.

Was it just a dream? Let’s hope!

Are you using “denial, pretending and self-destruction” to avoid facing something? This card can remind you to stop wasting energy and face it as best you can.

Despair expresses itself in different ways. The Secret tarot shows a woman, dressed in dark blue, half-lying on a fainting couch. Her weariness suggests that she knows this, too, will pass:

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