Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


nine of wands tarot card meaning

9 of Wands


Drawing on Hidden Reserves, Preparedness, Strength, Protecting Others, Being Paranoid, on Guard, Seeing something through to the End, Stability, Being Cautious about something, Taking Extra Precautions, Good Health, Courage and Endurance, Holding Together through Force of Will, Eventual Victory, Any Opposition will be Defeated, Continuing despite Fatigue, Watchful, Defense.


Weakness in Character, Card could indicate Possible Poor Health, Not looking around and being Careful, A Secure Position that is No Longer., Not noting the Dangers of something, Obstacles, Barriers to overcome, Adversity. Disaster, Slacking off, Unprepared, Being taken Advantage of., Refusal to Fight, Delays and Disarray.

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a figure standing in the foreground and leaning on a Wand. Behind him, eight more Wands rise up from the ground, as if forming a stockade, barrier, or fort. The immediate impact of the card is one of defensiveness. The figure seems to be on guard, seemingly expecting a possible attack, or an unwanted request for entry into his stockade. The image suggests that the querent has achieved some success, but is wary of the possibility of losing everything he has worked for. It could indicate mistrust, suspicion of others. The card may indicate general defensiveness. Jealously guarding one’s privacy. Keeping secrets. Not wishing to share one’s feelings with others. May indicate suspicion of other people. There might be a suggestion of being overprotective. A father trying to protect his daughter’s virtue. A husband who suspects every man of having designs on his wife. A jealous boyfriend or girlfriend. The card could mean the querent has a lot of insurance. Despite being prosperous, he is insecure. It may be the case that the qurerent is unwilling to accept help or advice.

The reversed card suggests someone opening up. Becoming less defensive. Perhaps the querent is prepared to confide his problems to a friend or family member. The querent may want to reveal his problems or fears to someone. The querent may be seeing a shrink, or a psychologist, perhaps a councilor.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Established Strength
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Decan: Sun in Aries; March 31 – April 10
Thumbnail Meaning: Accomplishment, integrity, balance.

The Nine of Wands represents strength through action. It suggests a great internal fortitude, often waiting for an opportunity to show its full power.

This card can also refer to a formidable defense against an attack. Perhaps you have underestimated the strength of your opposition––or they have underestimated yours.

Look at the image at right. The man looks exhausted––but you would be unwise to cross him. His head is bandaged and he is leaning on the ninth wand, which serves as his staff. The battle has tested, and revealed, his strength.

The Nine of Wands can refer to:

Using willpower to get through a trying time
Calling upon hidden strengths and talents
A final push to get to the goal
Holding on against a focused and more powerful enemy
Bravery in action

Aleister Crowley describes this card as “a sort of elementary parable to illustrate the meaning of this aphorism: ‘Change is Stability.'” He adds, “Defence, to be effective, must be mobile.” Adapt one’s strategy in order to win the battle.

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