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I picked up this deck last year. I don’t use it with a Celtic or any other customary spread, typically, but instead really, really like this deck as a one-card drawing deck. Each card is rich for meditation, but I find it very difficult to interpret them together, in conversation with one another, for multiple-card readings. This doesn’t mean, however, that I rarely use the deck. I use it all the time, often in concert with a full-blown reading with another deck. I like to use it by drawing one card to “color” the reading I did with the other deck.

I also think this deck is *perfect* for my readings for myself, although I don’t do a “card a day.” I tend to meditate, pick a card, and prop it up next to my workspace (where I spend the most time). I look at the card everyday, and try to understand how it relates to what’s going on in my life. I find that, after a little while, I am ready to draw another card. I just go by my intuition — sometimes I’ll keep that one card out for two days, sometimes more like two weeks. And this is definitely the way I get the most from my Osho.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the advertisement in the booklet that came with it. The booklet has pretty good explanations and quotes for each card; ideas that will help deepen your connection to the cards. But there’s a retreat featured at the end that’s just so commercial-looking. It looks very high-end and “air-conditioned!”, they emphasize. It sorta goes against what I understand about Buddhism and meditation, to have this super expensive, fancy, all- ameneties-available resort to promote your brand of Buddhism. It’s a little weird and disingenuous to me. But maybe I’m being oversensitive (which I tend to do).

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well, i do have the Osho Zen and i use it once in a while in almost the same way as You do. What i do is when i do a reading, i usually use the OZ with the RWS. I draw cards from both the decks and lay them on top of the other in a spread. then i begin with the RWS (which is my tried, tested and true deck! LOL) and then open the OZ card which often gives me a deeper level of ‘clarification’ for the RWS. And so on till the spread is done.

i dont do this all the time though, only when i need a lot of clarity for any underlying, ‘spiritual-type’ of outlook on whatever is happening at the time…

Oh, and yeah, the ‘resort’ they advertise really exists – i live quite close it it, in fact – it is just a few lanes away from where i stay….and its true about the “air conditioned” bit….i have seen so many people come and go and so on but thats whole ‘nother story…..the whole thing is that it is an ‘(c)ashram’ started by the (in)famous Osho Rajneesh and they conduct a variety of meditation programs….they sell books, cassettes, CDs and what have you and well….its good for those who really want to do something with it, otherwise….you know….people come and people go….the whole economy of the area i stay in (Koregaon Park) runs on these tourist visitors for the ashram…its something i enjoy watching from the distance…in short, from my POV its totally nuts…..LOL

somehow for someone who’s read a few books by Osho, and the ‘ashram’ being so close by, i have never felt drawn to it….but thats just me….i could never be anyone’s ‘follower’….. but i hear its quite beautiful inside…and long ago, the area was just one marshland and the people from the ashram actually spent a lot of time and effort and converted it into a very beautiful garden etc…..i suppose that part is quite commendable….


I have the Osho Zen and they work great as your typical tarot. I think that it’s just that the cards themselves evoke a quieter mood than most decks do. I first noticed this when I was doing a comparison reading with the Hanson Roberts deck. I was stuck interpreting a particular reading so I brought out the Osho Zen and another deck, the Tarot of the Gnomes. Talk about differences in vibes! Together all 3 decks helped me break through the interpretation.

Start with a card of the day with the deck as someone has suggested, then try doing a 3-card reading, like a mind-body-soul reading or whatever. It’ll take time but I think you’ll love using the deck.

Becky Rodriguez

This deck is based on the tradition of Zen Buddhism. The images in this deck are for the most part mesmerizing, and non-traditional from the European based decks. The book that comes with this deck is well put together, it includes commentary on each image page and the divinatory interpretation on the other. This is a deck for contemplation rather than for prediction, as the interpretations are not given in the form of keywords. The book includes several useful spreads but my main use for this would be for a daily single card meditation. Definitely a tarot deck for someone who is or strives to be solid in the here and now.

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