Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

page of cups
Page of Cups


news of a birth, News or Message, Sensitive, marriage or engagement, Reflection, kindness, poetry and/or the arts, assured, messenger, a helpful person, A person gifted with much foresight, getting what u want/need, on firm ground, life, birth of a new idea, A time for quiet reflection, rewards, love of a young person.


Impetuous, not getting what u want/need, A Failure to make a meaning commitments, not getting rewarded, deception, laziness, poor imagination, Shallow person, selfishness, lack of assurance, spoiled.

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Brianna Stoker

This card might be an artistic child or teenager. An affectionate child, young person. Could be an introspective, quiet, thoughtful child, teenager, young person. Could be a young artist, an art student, a young musician, singer, a young actor, performer, comedian, entertainer. A young person who enjoys being the center of attention, likes being in the limelight. A young person who is very friendly, very gregarious. Likes parties, going on outings. A fun loving young person. You may want to have your Pages indicate that a message or piece of news is in the offing. As we are in Cups the message might be a letter about something to do with the arts. Perhaps a love-letter, maybe a letter from a friend. The message could take any format – letter, phone call, e-mail etc.


The reversed card is really a simple vice-versa, though the Page remains young obviously. A child, young person with little or no artistic talents or interests. Perhaps a shy child/young person. Someone who doesn’t like the limelight, doesn’t like a lot of fuss and attention. Likes to be on their own, doesn’t like parties, outings. A young person who is unfriendly, or doesn’t make friends easily. In terms of the news/message aspect, perhaps the right-side-up card should represent good news, the up-side-down card should be bad news. A ‘Dear John’ letter. A message, piece of news indicating that the querent has been dumped by his/her partner. Bad news from a friend, or about a friend. Bad news about a recording, film, or book contract.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Princess of the Waters; The Lotus of the Palace of the Floods
Element: Earth of Water
Zodiac Quadrant: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Myers-Briggs: INFP – Healer
Thumbnail Meaning: Contemplation, creativity, love made manifest.

This card shows love transformed and grounded. As “Earth of Water,” the Page of Cups can refer to:

A great friendship, romance or other special relationship
Development of self-respect, leading to self-love
“Making love,” i.e. expressing it somehow (not just in the Biblical way)
Pregnancy––or any act of love that leads to creation of something new
An intuitive or psychic connection
An intense emotional experience, “grounded” in the physical world––for example, childbirth, painting a landscape, skiing, mountain climbing, etc.

The Page, or Princess, of Cups is a figure of “sweetness, poetry, gentleness and kindness.” She is “imaginative, dreamy, at times indolent, yet courageous if roused.” In the Golden Dawn tradition, she is drawn as:

“A beautiful Amazon-like figure, softer in nature than the Princess of Wands. Her attire is similar. She stands on a sea with foaming spray. Away to her right a Dolphin. She wears as a crest a swan with opening wings. She bears in one hand a lotus, and in the other an open cup from which a turtle issues. Her mantle is lined with swans-down, and is of thin floating material”

This image is followed with great fidelity in the Thoth, Hermetic and Sephirotic tarot decks. In the Rider-Waite tarot, the Page is an androgynous figure, contemplating a fish rising from a cup. Waite describes this as a picture “of the mind taking form.”

That gets us very close to a good, succint description of this card as “love taking form.” The Pages in each suit symbolize the material form of their suit’s element. If you draw this card, it represents love manifesting itself in your reading’s subject’s life. Not bad!

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