Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

page of pentacles tarot card meaning

Page of Pentacles


Establish Credibility, Prove Yourself Dependable, Look to your Future, Study, Careful and Diligent, May Sometimes be a Little Too Diligent and Overzealous in his Duties, Concentrate on what’s Effective, News, Messages, Seek Abundance, Take a Realistic Approach, Act on your Dreams, Scholarship, Make your Plans Real, Deep Concentration, Finances and Education are Primary in your Life Right Now, Stop Daydreaming, Enrich Yourself, Pride in Achievement, One who Resists Distractions when in Pursuit of a Goal, A Desire for Learning, Work with what you have, Setting Reasonable Goals, Apply the Tools at Hand, Application to Studies, Become Secure, Expect Messages Relating to Financial Dealings, Stick by your Commitments, A Young Man/Person who is Serious and Intelligent, Experience Nature, Student and/or Apprentice, Get Events in Motion,


Rebellion for No Reason, Having Difficulty Relating to Others, Bad News Concerning Money, A Person with No Sense of Humour , Someone who maybe Lacks Common Sense, An Unrealistic Person, Rebelliousness , Lack of Imagination, A Young Person who Probably Isn’t Book-Smart, Person Full of his Own Importance, Unwelcomed News, Failure to Recognize Obvious Facts, Illogical Thinking,

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Brianna Stoker

This might be a child born into a well-off family. A young office worker. A young person with plenty of money. You may want to have your Pages indicate that a message or piece of news is in the offing. As we are in Coins the message might be a letter about something financial. Perhaps a statement of account, a bill, final demand. The message could be in any format – letter, phone call, e-mail etc.

The reversed card is really a simple vice-versa, though the Page remains young obviously. A child, young person, born into a poor or deprived family. In terms of the news/message aspect, perhaps the right-side-up card should represent good news, the up-side-down card should be bad news.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Princess of the Echoing Hills; Rose of the Palace of Earth
Element: Earth of Earth
Zodiac Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini
Myers-Briggs: ISFJ – The Nurturer
Thumbnail Meaning: Being down to earth, persevering, life in the material world.

As “Earth of Earth,” this card’s figure is at peace with nature. Paradoxically, he is also working in the other “material world”––the one described by Madonna those many years ago. He acts on his ideas, visions and dreams, making them real to others.

This card signifies a practical, grounded person, or someone who sees through illusions to the reality behind them. Such a person is invaluable, even if unpopular.

This card can also refer to:

Saying what you mean; speaking plainly and directly
Being trustworthy
Physical work
Gardening, hiking, coming into contact with nature
Getting resources (money, capital, support, time) for a business, creative project, or something else important to you
Nurturing yourself or others; taking care of the body

This is one of the more straightforward court cards.

In the Golden Dawn, his crest is a winged ram’s head. His symbols are “grass, flowers, grove of trees, sceptre with disk, pentacle like that in ace.”

In the Vampire Tarot, the “Knave of Garlic Flowers” (analogue to Pentacles) is Lord Ruthven, title character from The Vampyre. John Polidori, The Vampyre’s author, based the character on Lord Byron, making him secuctive, aristocratic and dangerous.

This seems directly at odds with the preceding interpretations of a nurturing, grounded person. Vampires are not typically associated with honesty, either. However, vampires are confined to the material world. In most traditions, their death either sends them to hell, or to the void. For all their supernatural powers, they cannot move to a higher world than this one. They are also a link between human refinement and “nature, red in tooth and claw.”

That brings us to the inherent paradox of this card. We think of being in nature, of being “grounded,” as experiences of safety and security. Yet the beauty of nature is made possible by an eternal struggle for life.

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