Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

page of swords tarot card meaning

Page of Swords


Develop an idea or plan, Active all the Time, Decisive, News concerning Legal Affairs/Contracts., Study or Research the Facts, Think Everything Through, Assertive, Examination, Quick Thinking, He is the Observer More than the Participant, Uncovering the Unknown, Strong Willed, Alert, Perceptive Child or Young Person, Speak Directly, Keep Trying, Do What you Know is Right, Insight, Sharp and Cunning Arguing, Solving a Conflict with Clear Logic., Aggressive and Impatient Pursuing One’s ideas, Meet Setbacks with Renewed Energy, Challenges, Crusader, Sharp Mind, Keep your Chin up and Head High, An Unexpected Plot Twist, Outspoken, Refuse to be Discouraged,


Untrustworthy, Illogical Fights with Words, Having Things One’s Way, Cunning and Possibly Vindictive Person, Someone who can Not Control their Temper, Snooping in Other People’s Affairs, Spying, Mild Health Problems, Sharp Discussions, Plans Being Overtaken by other Events, Unforseen, Imposter, Deceit, Gossip, Disruptive Situations Due to Gossip or Rumours, Bad News, Unexpected Events, Powerless in the Face of Strong Forces., Two Faced, Lack of Preparation, Devious, Someone who Doesn’t Pay Attention to Things for Very Long, Illness is Possible, A Troublemaker,

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Brianna Stoker

This might be a determined, strong-willed child or teenager. Might be a student. Perhaps a choir boy. A young computer programmer. An ambitious young person. May be a child who is very good academically. A quick learner. You might want to consider having Pages represent messages. These could be in any media – letter, e-mail, phone call, whatever. The message would probably contain news related to the characteristics of the suit of Swords, but the other cards in the spread should help clarify the type of message. For examples, if the spread was very coiny and the question was about a financial matter, then the message would perhaps be an invoice or bill.

The reversed card is really a simple vice-versa, though the Page remains young obviously. A weak-willed young person, an unambitious youth, a dim child. In terms of the news/message aspect, perhaps the right-side-up card should represent good news, the up-side-down card should be bad news.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Princess of the Rushing Winds; The Lotus of the Palace of Air
Element: Earth of Air
Zodiac Quadrant: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Myers-Briggs: INTP – The Architect
Thumbnail Meaning: Wisdom, grace, perception, agility.

The Page of Swords is the living idea. As “Earth of Air,” it shows thought given form in the material world.

In the image at right, a man, holding a sword aloft, stands still. The water behind him, the clouds above, him, the birds, even the grass are blown by the wind. His stillness implies detachment and careful study, even if as he is poised to fight.

This figure may be the “earth of air,” who stands solid within it.

Traditionally, this card represents a person who is clever, childlike and ruthless. Think of a child who, in one question, cuts through all defenses and pierces an emotional weakness. Think of Bazarov from Fathers and Sons, whose ruthless intellect dispenses with diplomacy. Such a person dispels illusion and brings us closer to the truth––whether we want them to or not!

The Page of Swords can also refer to:

Thinking and planning
Considering every possible course of action
Uncovering the truth
Mental preparation; “psyching yourself up”
Maintaining detachment in order to understand a situation. This is especially indicated if dignified by any of the Twos, especially the Two of Pentacles.

Each tarot card builds upon the previous one. In the Ten of Swords, the mind is at war with itself. Now, we see the mind turning outward, focusing on the external world and drawing nourishment from it.

If dignified by cards such as the Ace of Pentacles and the Nine of Wands, this card shows the intellect and intuition working together in harmony.

Suit of Swords

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