Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

page of wands tarot card meaning

Page of Wands


Someone Very Personable, Stranger with Good Intentions, A Young Person who is very Thoughtful and Spiritual, Know that where there’s a Will, there’s a Way, Focus on Success, Creative Impulse that puts things into Movement, New Ideas, Growth, “Yes, I Can”, A Trustworthy Reliable young Person, A Person who is Faithful in Service , Faithful, Sudden Love, Great Enthusiasm, Opportunity for Employment, Good News, A Young Person bearing Good News and Witty Gossip, Birth of a Child, Passionate New Beginning , Beauty, Be a Leader, Brilliance,


Instability, Superficial, Someone who Betrays Trust and Spreads Gossip, Ill Intent, The Card can also indicate Journeys that are Delayed, A Withdrawn Person who perhaps is Very Shy , Reluctance, A Person Unable to keep a Confidence, Bad News concerning Employment, Indecision, Miscommunications, False, Bad News to Come, or a Change of Address., Someone who believes they are Trustworthy but all the time being Unfaithful, Irrational Enthusiasm, A Broken Heart,

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Brianna Stoker

This might be a healthy, vigorous child. A robust young person, teenager. Could be a young medical student. Maybe a young farm worker. Possibly a check-out person at a supermarket, a young person selling fruit and vegetables. Might be a young nurse, or patient in a hospital or clinic. Could be an apprentice, perhaps a young boy learning to be a mechanic, or another type of skilled or semi-skilled worker. Perhaps a young sports person. A young footballer, baseball player etc. A young athlete. You may want to have your Pages indicate that a message or piece of news is in the offing. As we are in Wands the message might be a letter about something medical. Perhaps a letter about the results of a pregnancy test, a screening for cancer. The message could be in any format – phone, e-mail, fax etc.. In a very coiney spread, the Page of Wands may indicate a letter to do with money or business. In a swordey context, perhaps exam results or a school report.

The reversed card is really a simple vice-versa, though the Page remains young obviously. A weak sickly young person, an unhealthy youth, an unathletic child or young person. In terms of the news/message aspect, perhaps the right-side-up card should represent good news, the up-side-down card should be bad news.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Princess of the Shining Flame; The Rose of the Palace of Fire
Element: Earth of Fire
Zodiac Quadrant: Cancer, Leo, Virgo
Myers-Briggs: ESFP – The Performer
Thumbnail Meaning: A free spirit, a messenger, vitality.

This Page is an energetic person. Things seem to happen whenever he shows up. He is always eager to take things in new and exciting directions. He is also impulsive, childlike and unpredictable.

This card is one of growth, movement, brilliance and adaptation. As the universe changes, so does this Page. Everything is very exciting and possibilities are limitless. The oppression of the previous card has given way to new possibilities and projects.

When things don’t go his way, the Page can become hysterical, and that childishness comes out full force. Although unreliable, he is strong-willed and very fierce.

In the Rider-Waite tarot, this Page wears a yellow tunic decorated with salamanders. These salamanders are in a circle, trying to bite their tails like an ouroboros. The Page’s tunic and coat are the colors of fire.

This card can refer to:

An artistic or enterprising soul
A bright or brilliant young person
A driven optimist
An inventive mind
A Muse; a source of creative inspiration

Remember that such people, if thwarted, can be very dangerous. In some contexts, this card can refer to the energy such people bring to drama, destruction or other negative pursuits.

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