Past Life Regression Through Hypnosis – My Personal Experience

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This is Great! Past lives and reincarnation make a lot of sense to me, so I got myself a guided recording to induce a hypnotic trance that would take me to two of my past lives, When I started listening I didn’t think it was ever going to work, but I followed all the instructions. I do yoga, so relaxing was easy. Although I was very relaxed I could not notice anything abnormal, not even sleepiness, then the instructor said that I was going to go throug a set of stairs with colored steps, blah, blah, blah, and that upstairs there was a car waiting for me, I imagined getting in the car and driving.

Suddenly I started to feel vibrations all over my body and a warm sensation started to flow from my forehead. Then I could feel something really weird I only feel when I’m about to fall asleep: I feel a strange  matter (like energy)r in my hands that I can’t see, bu t I can grab, the difference is that this time I was ALL surrounded by it. It was a wonderful sensation I I let myself float on it. Then I started to feel like I was sinking deeper and deeper.

The instructor said that  the car stopped and I had to  get out. And that I was going to open the door to a past life. When I opened the door in my thought I actually felt like I was standing on a wooden floor or wooden planks of some sort and I was floating on water. I could actually feel my weight shifting to both sides. I had my eyes opened and I couln’t see then the instructor told me to take a look around and light started leaking from my right side and I started to see blurry colors. But then my son came over and touched me. I was still in trance but I started to concentrate on my son and the vibration stopped and I came back fully awake.

I think this stuff works for real now, even though I couldn’t complete it. I will definetely try it again when I’m alone.

I did it!

I was shown one of my past lifes and the first thing I remember is the peak of a rocky mountain. I was a man called Ojani, or something like that. I have no idea where the place was but I think that judging by his appereance I was problably middle eastern, or maybe asian (indian). I was walking on this rocky place with no vegetation and there was sort of a big cave and I went inside it. There was something shining within the texture of the walls inside the cave (maybe diamonds or other kind of precious stones) that made me think that the place was probably a mine. The hypnotist how did I looked like and I saw myself as a slender man in his mid thirties with shiny strainght black hair, average height and tanned skin color.

The hypnotist asked about my job and I see another scene of myself sorting jewels on some sort of table. He asked about my family and I saw a woman who is supposed to be my wife. Whe I came into the room she was sitting down doing something (like knitting) and smiled at the as I walked in. She was medium skin toned had either long black hair or a black veil over her head (not sure)

I was taken to an earlier time of that life to a specific even that was considered important. I felt the sunrays shining directly over my face, so that I couldn’t see anything and then I started feeling pain on the right side of my forehead. Then I started to see and I was a little boy of about 8 years old and I was trying to get up from the ground. In the background I saw a group of kids and I knew that one of them had hit me on the head with a rock. The kids where white and they hated me because I wasn’t. I started to feel very emotional and I almost cried.

Then I was taken to the scene of my death and I felt a shivering cold through my body and a dry leaf falling slowly to the ground. In my view I was on the floor and the leaf landed right before my eyes and then I didn’t see anything. Then the hypnotist asked me to see what my spirit saw after my death and I saw an older man with gray hair lying on his stomach in a place that looked like a park or forest in the autumn, and a bed of dry leaves covered the ground. I was wearing a wine red poloshirt and gray pants and was much heavier than in the previous scene. I was sure that I died in a different place than the place I was originally from (Maybe the US, because the place looks familiar)

I was summoned back to consciousness and I still can’t believe what I saw. Hypnosis really works!

Submitter by: Tracy ” dreamscape”  Whittaker


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