Pentacles vs Pentegrams – Are they the same or different in theory?

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When it comes these two symbols, people that are not involved in the spiritual world whether associated with tarot or Wicca confuse the two. I know growing up as someone that was purely Christian that the pentagram always represented evil to me. When I first got my tarot cards I always got scared whenever I touched the pentacle suit because I looked at that as being evil as well. But as many of found out in most cases pentacles equal wealth or money type issues when they are dealt in a tarot card reading. As my understanding of what the pentacles represented widened , my thought process towards them took them away from the evil that I once thought they were. Now today I realize that within the Wiccan community it is not an evil sign nor in tarot, even if some others use it as such.

Here’s the difference: ( the video above goes into more detail)

The Pentacle is referred to as any talisman or amulet that has the 5 point star on it, could even be an ankh or an astrological symbol. It is a physical representation where as a pentagram is the design itself.

Pentagram is Latin Penta meaning 5 side, Gram meaning drawing. It literally means a five sided drawing. The Pentagon is a pentagram. A Pentacle is a pentagram inside of a circle.

Definitions of course have changed to reflect bias, misunderstanding and ignorance, so the pentacle of today is called a pentagram for those reasons. The inverted pentacle is commonly associated within pagan communities as a pentagram to differentiate it from the pentacle, but in all essence, it still is a pentacle, reversed.

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I’m just wondering if anyone else went through this when you first started Wicca and learning about it especially if you came from a more strict religious background.

I find being Lutheran all my life and still maintaining some of the beliefs and just learning Celtic based Wicca that I find I’m not that comfortable with the pentacle and pentagram.

I’ve read all about it and learned a lot but I still haven’t been able to choose it over my Cross.

If you’ve come from a more “traditional” background what did you do to come over it? How did you do it?

If not what advice can you offer?

    Marlee Sands

    Merry Meet Loren! I came from a Roman Catholic background and cannot wear a cross. I not only have a ring,necklace and earrings of a pentacle but also have a tattoo on my left shoulder of one. You might say I’ve embraced it rather To me it is the ultimate symbol of protection. Once you understand the meanings behind the symbols we choose to embrace and wear then it becomes a matter of personal choice. All my jewelry has a special meaning to me, (as with my tattoos).I think your difficulty lies in prior programming and hollywood. It has been portrayed as the symbol of evil, but then so have Wiccans and we know that is bogus information. As we learn we grow and as we grow we change. You may come to feel differently in time.


I see it as a representation of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. This in some ways helps people if they don’t look at it in the begging as a Pentacle.

By looking at it’s meaning instead of the outer symbol, you can some what reconcile what you used to believe in and the path you take now.

I also was raised Lutheran and was a very strict pentacostal for a while. By first associating with the meaning it helped that there is nothing there against either religion. In fact, in some ways it could represent both.


I was raised Lutheran myself but I was able to embrace the pentacle. My only advice would be to follow your heart. If the cross feels right to you, then use it. We all come along on the path at our own pace. Don’t rush it.

You’ll know what’s right for you. Don’t let anyone tell you your doing something wrong.


Yes, it is natural to take icons you have been programmed almost your entire spiritual life to abhor and embrace them. A hanging point for many is also the aspect of the Horned God. just thinking of him in many cases is unsettling since we have been taught for so long that anything with horns and belonging to the spiritual world is evil. Don’t fret about it. You will find your symbols in time and may never embrace the pentacle as your symbol. I know many who will wear a Goddess Pendant as their symbol instead. Try that first and see how it feels. If you are still uncomfortable with that, a Celtic Knot (Trinity symbol) is practice and in most cases, so common most wont even blink at it.

As with all forms of Wicca, do what feels right for you. Use what symbolism works for you and do not worry about the other stuff until you are more comfortable in embracing it.


From what I have seen pentagrams are used in Wicca/magic and the only time I have seen pentacles are on tarot cards. They really do look the same though and I have often wondered if they are simply two names for the same thing, pentacle being used mainly with tarot cards and pentagram being used in magic terminology.

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