Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

queen of cups tarot card meaning

Queen of Cups


Loving, Acceptance of love around, Riches in Love, highly intuitive, Focused, Good Wife and Mother, Good Woman, Intuitive inner wisdom, Balance and Harmony, Also symbolizes high achievements made possible by the use of imagination, Emotions under control, The gift of Vision, Nurturing, Good Friend, A good natured person, Devoted, Firmly on the ground, Reflection.


Emotional excesses, unreliable and cannot be depended upon, daydreaming, can be given to hysteria, distinguished woman but one not to be trusted, pleasure and happiness may turn bitter, dishonour, Living in fantasy, delusion, self-deception, confusion.

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Brianna Stoker

In terms of characteristics much the same as the Page and Knight, An artistic, talented, friendly woman. A successful novelist, actress, etc. Could be a record, film, theater company executive. Any female working in the entertainment industry. In terms of age-group perhaps twenty to thirty something. Could be well into the forties or fifties. For older ladies, you might be better to use the reversed card. Its up to you really. It’s difficult to think of additional meanings for the Queen. Perhaps a pause in the action, a time to regroup. A time of rest, of consolidation.


Again, a straightforward reversal in terms of characteristics. An unsuccessful, untalented woman. A woman not interested in fine art, culture. Perhaps an uncouth lady. Perhaps a female actress looking for work, a singer looking for a recording contract, hoping for a big break. You might reverse the consolidation aspect of the right-side-up card to represent an anxious, worrying time. Perhaps an unstable period.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Queen of the Thrones of the Waters
Element: Water of Water
Zodiac Sign: 20º Gemini to 20º Cancer; June 11 – July 11
Thumbnail Meaning: Sensitivity, patience, a poetic nature, intuitive understanding, kindness.

As the most feminine card of the most feminine suit, the Queen of Cups represents the best aspects of woman’s nature. She is loving, intuitive, compassionate and creative.

Her psychic and perceptive abilities are subtle––but don’t underestimate them. She is also protective and, when threatened, extremely dangerous.

This card does not necessarily signify a woman. It can refer to a person tapping into their more “feminine” powers. It is strongly associated with:

The cycle of water––ocean tides, rivers to seas, clouds to rain and back––and thus the circle of life
A sudden flash of insight
Mothers and mother figures
Absolute, unconditional love
Following one’s inner guidance, listening to the “guardian angel” within

In the Rider-Waite tarot, this Queen holds a ciborium, a special type of chalice used to hold the body of Christ. The word “ciborium” was also used in ancient Greece and Rome, to refer to a drinking cup made from a lotus seed casing.

The back of her chair has the shape of a conch shell, and her throne is inches away from the shoreline. Just as water gives life, it can wash its traces away. Like Ozymandias, this Queen’s reign is not permanent; the placement of her throne reminds us that all things pass in time.
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