Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

queen of swords tarot card meaning

Queen of Swords


Strong Will, She’s Not Easy to Fool, Plays By the Rules, Faces the Truth – Even if Unpleasant, Sterility, Avoids Lies and Deception, Is Difficult to Fool or Trick and Con, Direct and Straightforward , Can be Vindictive , Witty, A Woman Who is Sad or Withdrawn , Concerned with Attention to Accuracy and Detail, Can be Candid when Necessary, Outspoken, Can have a Sharp Tongue, Discreet, Knowledge is power, Talents are Used Well, She often Outwits those Who go against her, Independent, Independent Career Woman, Can Size Up a Situation Quickly, Sharp and Quick Witted, Intuitive, Uncanny Perception, Confident, Is No-Nonsense and Straightforward , Is Up Front with Everyone, One Who can Bear their Sorrow, Experienced, Secretive, A Creative Person, Ambitious, Intelligence,


Vengeful Woman who deviously Plots – But Lacks Skill to Bring about her plans Ends, Pettiness, A Phoney, Narrowmindedness, A Gossiper, Bitter, Expert in the Use of Half Truths, A Sly and Deceitful Person, ill -Tempered Person, Manipulation, Bigotry, Demanding, Prudish, A Woman who has Mood Swings and Tends to Lose her Temper Easily, Bitch on Wheels, Steadfast Enemy, An Intolerant, Malicious Wolman Driven by Jealousy.

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Brianna Stoker

In terms of characteristics much the same as the Page and Knight, a strong-willed, determined woman. A woman of strong character. A well-educated woman. A teacher, scientist, researcher, technician. In terms of age-group perhaps twenty to thirty something. For older ladies, you might be better to use the reversed card. Its up to you really. It’d difficult to think of additional meanings for the Queen. Perhaps a pause in the action, a time to regroup. A time of rest, of consolidation.

Again, a straightforward reversal in terms of characteristics. A weak woman. A dim, uneducated woman. Perhaps a middle-aged or elderly woman. You might reverse the consolidation aspect of the right-side-up card to represent an anxious, worrying time. Perhaps an unstable period.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Queen of the Thrones of Air
Element: Water of Air
Zodiac Sign: 20º Virgo to 20º Libra; September 12 – October 12
Myers-Briggs: ENTJ – The Executive
Thumbnail Meaning: Honesty, sagacity, discernment; Feminine grace and strength, determination, going on after sorrows.

As “Water of Air,” the Queen of Swords symbolizes the union of intuition and intellect. The Queen is gracious and just, yet astute and unflinching. She will face the truth and tell it, too; you would be unwise to try and fool her.

In the Rider-Waite tarot, this card’s imagery builds upon the imagery of the last two.

In the background, the clouds have subsided and are billowing unnaturally at the bottom of the sky. The trees, bent to the breaking point in the Knight of Swords, are now upright. Only one bird remains in the sky.

The Queen sits on a throne with two crescent moons, reminiscent of the Triple Goddess symbol. A winged cherub and butterflies are also carved into the throne. Her crown is made of butterflies, and her cape is covered in clouds––all symbols of the air which we have seen on previous cards in this suit.

This card represents leadership, honesty and wisdom. It can refer to:

A person who has seen much; an experienced leader or adviser
An honest appraisal of a situation
A straightforward approach
A person committed to the truth
Intellectual curiosity in service of something greater than the intellect
Knowledge as Power

Although this Queen is highly intuitive, she lacks sensitivity and can be seen as aloof. Though not quite as blunt as the Page, the Queen of Swords may need to soften her judgements from time to time.

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