Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

queen of wands tarot card meaning

Queen of Wands


Spiritual woman, Process of Self-Discovery, Calm Authority, A person who likes Nature or the Country Life, Businesswoman, Leads a Busy and Active Life, Pleasant Personality., Loving, Open and Sincere, Has Faith in her Abilities, Friendly, Very Generous, A woman who is very Confident, Kind, Is Protective towards those in her circle, Honourable, Independent, Capable and Fair Person , Organized, A Homemaker, Has an Encouraging Word for all, Adaptability, Warm and Outgoing, Likes the Homelife, Sensitive to Criticism, Good Money Management, She is a Fair and Strong Leader,

The card may also indicate the Success of a Project.

Overbearing Woman, Overly strict, A Bitter Person, Intolerant, Egotistic, Jealousy, Revengeful, Failure in Business, Quiet and Withdrawn , Narrow Minded, Offensive, Infidelity, Domineering, Deceit,

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Brianna Stoker

In terms of characteristics much the same as the Page and Knight, healthy, robust, athletic, fit, good looking. In terms of age-group perhaps twenty to thirty something. Could be well into forties or fifties. For older ladies, you might be better to use the reversed card. Its up to you really. It’s difficult to think of additional meanings for the Queen. Perhaps a pause in the action, a time to regroup. A time of rest, of consolidation.

Again, a straightforward reversal in terms of characteristics. A weak unhealthy, unattractive woman. An unathletic woman. A plain, or ugly woman. Perhaps an old or eldererly woman. You might reverse the consolidation aspect of the right-side-up card to represent an anxious, worrying time. Perhaps an unstable period.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Queen of the Thrones of Flame
Element: Water of Fire
Zodiac Sign: 20º Pisces to 20º Aries; March 11 – April 10
Myers-Briggs: ISFP – The Artist
Thumbnail Meaning: Calm, persistent and mature authority; feminine passion, power and sexuality; confidence, inner strength, vitality.

In one phrase, this card represents “ruthless femininity.” This Queen knows her place––above everyone else––and is secure in it. If gratified or pleased, she can be a loyal and devoted friend; if crossed, a mortal enemy.

This Queen is intense, charismatic, passionate and sincere. She has the power to love deeply, and to hate violently. She calls to mind “She Who Must Be Obeyed,” the impassive queen from H. Rider Haggard’s She.

In most decks, the Queen of Wands is surrounded by symbols of fire. In the Rider-Waite tarot, she grasps a sunflower while lions decorate her throne. Her robe is yellow––a color of fire––and her brooch features a red gemstone.

Often she is accompanied by a cat, the domesticated version of a lion. In the Thoth tarot, this cat looks more like a leopard

This card can refer to:

A Queen Bee
A confident, imposing person
A benefactor
A faithful friend and a fearful foe
A strong-willed woman

In some situations, it can suggest:

The power of command
Rule of law, unspoken rules, structure, especially those that allow something to flourish
An affectionate leader
Conditional kindness––”do this for me and I’ll be nice to you”
Inner strength

When surrounded by cards that threaten her authority authority, this card can represent rage, vengeance and even war. When well-dignified, it shows authority exercised firmly but fairly.

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