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Well, i need to know if i refreshed my aura by physical symptoms, i would like to double check with someone who actually has done this. Ok what i do is, i lay down, and tighten every muscle, working out to in. Until i feel totally relaxed, then i close my eyes and breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, then i just picture myself in a position, see the thing is i dont see an aura, but i continue, i visualize the room i am in is filled with light, i try to keep this, which i find hard, cause i have a bit of adhd and racing thoughts, so i continue, and visualize that i am inhaling this bright white light, and i start to feel starting with my hands, and to my stomach start to get tingly and like a small current of electricity is going through me (after i am done) i feel like laughing cause i feel this tickling feeling in my chest. Is this normal? How do i know when i have completely recharged myself? Also i have been reading about how to detect psychic vampires and reading other people’s aura, i still dont see the aura yet, but i can defiantly feel it. So i want to start out slow and try to detect my own aura. Again when i visualize myself, i dont see an aura around me, but i visualize the light, and thats when i feel something. Am i doing this right. I have read about the chakra’s in satanism, and about the third eye. Any information would be helpful.

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i agree and i would add work on balance in all things if we are spiritually emotionally or physically weakened this in turns weakens aura it is a reflection of the whole so to maintain its strength i think transmutation is the best we can continually try to improve our self spiritually so that the aura just keeps getting stronger over time

working on methods of powering up daily would help you do this ie sitting in meditation and powering up thru the soles of feet to the crown or vice versa from the crown to the feel

and energy stimulation such as the energy methods by Robert Bruce will really build up your aura quickly these methods are available free online.

if you do want to see your aura yourself you can exit the body and project with control to the other side of a large room and look back and see yourself not to close or it tends to draw us back into body project with intent to see the aura or ask to see the aura as otherwise you may see the silhouette of the energy body

another method is to close your eyes sitting in meditation in a darkened room and hold your hand in front of your eyes and look with the third eye at the aura around the hand especially at the edges of the finger and the core of palm that should be a good reflection of your general aura the crown and shoulders tend to be the strongest areas of auric energy but it is convenient to see one’s own hand


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