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Yes, I’ve had this deck since its release in the early 80’s and it’s “okay” but a bit far-fetched in its conception—it was designed while he was nearly penniless and quite sick during his later years. The works were executed quickly and in a typical Dali fashion, as a sort of a self-promoting desperate attempt at fundraising. This followed on the heels of the scandal of his selling blank, signed canvases to “counterfeit” artists in order to seem a bit more productive. Dali was a genius when it came to self-marketing and the deck is a great embodiment of that. If you do get this deck, the book for it is VERY good and explains the images chosen for the cards from a perspective that resonates with his contributions to art during the later years of his life. In fact, the deck took on greater and deeper meaning to me once I had the full book. It’s quite nice with glossy,, full color pages. In fact, if you’re interested in the deck, I’d recommend getting the book first to see how you resonate with it before you put out the money for the deck.

i bought mine at the Dali Museum in Tampa, Fla about five years ago for about $130. it is gold edges in a flocked red two piece box, so not sure what edition that is….I do love it and only use it for special occasions

It’s the last deck I bought and it’s a disaster, aside from the art.Even the art is misplaced symbolism and it is clear that they made a lot of the wrong effort to concile the meaning of the card with Dali’s art.I was suckered by the name because a friend of mine knew him and his wife intimitally ( not sexually).Very bad choice.

Not a favorite of mine. I traded it away. I think a lot of people get excited about it becuase omg! dali! But I don’t know anyone who owns it and loves it and reads with it regularly.

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Q: what’s up with the Salvador Dali tarot deck? Why can’t they just print more and reissue it?

A:  Fewer decks=more value for existing decks. The idea was never to make a commodity with that deck, but to make a collector’s item, a work of art.

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I’ve had the deck for years and have never gotten anything out of it. For one thing, I don’t care for the symbolism or colors, but that aside, I can’t seem to read with it. You know, I think I’ve only heard one person say they enjoyed the deck. This deck seems to get panned more than any other one deck I can think of. Still you know that this is a very personal thing.


I don’t care for the deck myself but i think the Moon card is very good and have worked on several versions of it my self, i have an idea for a New York City Tarot which is what i see in the Dali Moon Trump, the NYC sky line as seen from within central park at night.


    Now, I’m wary of this one, and here’s why. Dali only created a few of the cards for this Deck. So I ask myself, ‘where is the rest of the art coming from? did they just take random Dali paintings and just use them for some of the cards? did someone else draw the artwork for the cards Dali didn’t do?’ All this leaves me wondering if the art for the cards was actually drawn with the tarot in mind?


Unfortunately in Dali’s later years a lot of fraud was committed in his name, many people believe the bulk of his Tarot deck was assembled by his “students” basically a collage technique using paintings from older works of art by artists other than Dali, then Dali would make a few squiggles of paint on them, sign his name and as the french say “voile”!

The first edition was bordered with 20 carat gold leaf and came in a velvet bag and a wooden box, and was very pricey for a Tarot deck.

The companion book with good quality colour plates can be had for as little s $5 – $10 used.

I do not think much of it as a deck but there are a few good paintings in it, none up to Dali’s best, even his Moon Trump is sadly showing the age of the master in its less than perfect command of technique, which was a Dali hallmark, his technical expertise (no matter what one may think of his subject matter) was as good as any old master.

Asencension master

If we are dicussing the “Ascension” card by Dali, what stands out for me is that he has drawn the ascension through the middle pillar in the Kabbalistic tree of life. The middle pillar progressing from Tiphareth the yellow sphere or sphere of the Heart to Kether the white sphere of All the Power. The female figure or I should say androgenous figure above his head is Ain, AinSoph, AinSoph Aur. That which came before and no one can know. Very creative imagery for the Judgement card, because it shows the integrated SELF ( the male and female figures in The Lovers Key integrated with the Angel) rising above the earth bound limitations of interpretation.


Interestingly, I was a fan of some of Dali’s work when I was younger and had seen some images from this deck, but I also was taken aback by the price of this deck and therefore never purchased it. A year ago I met with a cousin I hadn’t seen in over twenty years, she is a heathen and therefore doesn’t have much to do with my beliefs (or anyone else’s..LOL). Upon discussion, she told me someone gave her a Tarot deck years ago which she never looked at and didn’t even know what deck it was but asked it I would like it since I am a deck collector (who would say no? ). I was shocked when I received the Dali deck from her so at least I was happy to not only finally receive it (in pristine condition) I was even happier about it being free of charge (LOL). It is a beautiful deck and there is a companion book which I found at a half price bookstore which did help with understanding the deck, I appreciate the deck, however I don’t know if it is one that I could (or would) read with but it is a deck worth owning, if only the publisher would come out with a more affordable version. I just thought I would share this story with the group and there are some beautiful cards in this deck. There is also a less expensive poker version of this deck available though it is becoming more and more difficult to find,


have this deck and while I agree that it is lovely to look at . . . I just do not read with it. The art decks tend to be all flash and no substance which does not make a good reading deck IMHO.

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