Saturn transiting 11th house

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Transiting Saturn is about to move out of my 10th house into my 11th. Was not much fun in my 10th.

Anyone have any positive/negative experiences to share regarding Saturn transiting their 11th house?
Saturn will square my natal Cap Venus in my 1st house when it first moves into my 11th, but after that it will behave itself for a while.


Sarah Holley

well… the good news is all the isolation eventually turned out to be good for me. Eventually.

I had just gotten married and we moved. I felt utterly lost in a new neighborhood where I did not belong to the predominate culture. I didn’t feel I belonged ANYWHERE!!! I had cut ties to all my old my friends the year before (a very bad scene which I didn’t want to be part of) so I was definitely rebuilding a new sense of self. I basically only socialized with my family and my then-husband’s, where I didn’t fit in either.

But I did do tons of writing which eventually led to a new & successful career.

But all in all, a very lonely time for me. Had to do a lot of processing, but that was just me. Plus I was very young and learning a LOT of things for the first time. Like how to cook for two! Smile And iron. I remember his complaining about wrinkled shirts… it didn’t occur to me them to tell him to iron them himself


    I’m already experiencing that isolation – I’m working, studying and volunteering at a library on Saturday mornings – between those things and my normal household cleaning, cooking etc, I don’t have time to see my friends any more. It’s not good, but I don’t know how to get around it. And I’m going to be studying for a good few years, so it will probably stay that way the whole time Saturn transits my 11th and 12th.

    But hopefully it will turn out well like yours did. I know I said Saturn transiting my 10th wasn’t great (was actually completely awful for a while) – but now I work for myself and am happier although I still want to get out of this line of work.

    I’m turning 40 in December (so not young any more!) – you know what they say, ‘Life begins at 40′ – so we’ll see what Saturn has to say about that


Saturn always makes me a bit nervous with its contacts in my chart. However, I try to focus on its positive qualities: stability, for one. Maturity for another. It helps to have this energy in the life, but it isn’t always fun.

I was looking at Saturn transits I have coming up. It will be changing houses from 8th to 9th soon. (this winter)

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