Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

seven of cups tarot meaning

7 of Cups


Need to reflect upon choices, Ideas, Options, Some choices are better than others so be careful when choosing, Mixed emotions, head is in the clouds, wanting of an assortment in life, May have confusion on which to choose,


False hopes, Inaction causing loss of opportunity, Back to reality, A path will be chosen, making up the mind, indecision, willpower,

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a shadowy figure gazing up at seven cups hovering in front of and above him on a thick cloud. In each cup there is an object. Some of the objects are desirable, others are not. In the foreground there are four Cups. From left to right they contain a castle, a pile of jewels, a laurel, and a lizard. In the background there are three Cups, containing from left to right a head, a ghost, and a snake. The immediate impression is one of greed and avarice. But this is a complex image, which has a wide range of possible interpretations. The mix of contents between good and bad objects suggests hopes and fears. But there seems to be a sense of unrealistic hopes and irrational fears. There seems also to be a sense of illusion, that the riches that seem to be available are merely a mirage. There is also a feeling of trying to achieve too much. Grasping for one thing and failing to get it, then grabbing at another, and failing to get that too. There may also be a sense of trying to achieve things without putting in the necessary effort.


The reversed image may suggest jealousy, envy. Having desires to get the things that others have, but unable to do so. There may be a sense of confusion and uncertainty.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Illusionary Success
Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Decan: Venus in Scorpio; November 13 – 22
Thumbnail Meaning: False pleasure, debauchery, overindulgence; daydreams, egotistic fantasies, selfishness.

The Seven of Cups is a card of egotism, its pleasures and its temptations. Egotism isn’t entirely painful––otherwise, why would so many people indulge in it?––though the pleasures it provides, in contrast to the pleasures of the previous card, are false and ultimately unfulfilling.

The suit of Cups follows a rough pattern of “abundance, luxury, disappointment” throughout the suit. Right now we are in luxury, with the disappointment still to come.

In the Rider-Waite tarot, this card shows the silhouette of a man staring up at seven cups, each with something in them:

A transparent face with curly hair; possibly the face of an angel.
A hooded figure, arms outstretched, surrounded by a red aura.
A yellow snake.
A castle on a mountain.
A laurel wreath.
A crouching dragon.

The castle, jewels and laurel wreath cleary refer to the big three temptations: power, money and fame. It calls to mind Satan tempting Jesus in the desert

Daydreams and fantasies of being powerful, loved, famous etc. are pretty harmless by themselves. They may make an unpleasant task more pleasant. When they are indulged too often, or seen as the goal of life, they become troublesome.

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