Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

seven of pentacles taro card meaning
7 of Pentacles


Pondering Alternatives, Reviewing what’s been Done, Success of Past Labours still Needs work, Receiving Payoffs, Business, Pausing to Check Results, Hard Work is about to Pay Off, Working Hard and Getting what you Deserve., This card is also a call for assessment, Progress, Working towards the Goal, Evaluating the Status, A card of Money, Reevaluate your Lifestyle -Goals-Relationships dreams etc,, This is not an End- but merely a Pause before Continuing, Concentrating on One Task at a Time for safe progress, Successful Handling of a Complex Situation, Seeing the Results of Hard Work, Reflecting on Progress to Date, Reevaluations, A Moment of Assessment, Getting Returns on Investments, Finances and Charge into the Future, Finding Out Where you Stand, A Time-Out for Thought.


Unexpected Setbacks, Giving Up Too Easily, Self induced Money Worries, Loss of Money, Confusion as to How to Proceed, Impatience, Delays, Not Putting the Effort you Need to into Something., Promising Circumstances that End in Failure, Financial Insecurity, Anxiety, Unwise Investment, Worrying, Miscalculation, Having Worked and are Not Seeing Results, Lazy.

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a figure leaning on his spade and apparently admiring a plant that he has cultivated. Hanging from the branches of the healthy vigorous plant are 6 big gold coins. Next to the plant, another coin on the ground. Perhaps a new a seedling that will grow into another large money plant. The immediate impact of the image is growth and accumulation. The querent has worked hard and is now able to enjoy his accumulated wealth. The lush plant gives a very wandish flavor to this coin card. Incidentally, watch out for these subtle mixing up of the suits which happen occasionally. Take the two of Wands for example. The figure in that image is holding a Wand in one hand, and a globe of the earth in the other. Note that coins are associated with the element earth, so the two of Wands is certainly an amalgam of Wands and Coins. The nine of Coins is another example, which we will come to on the next page. The image is an indicator of vigorous growth. It may be financial growth, or the vigorous expansion of a business. It could represent a rapidly growing maturity in terms of attitude and opinions. In a very swordey context, it might indicate accumulating knowledge, or information. In a Cup context it could indicate a lively vigorous imagination or insight.

The reversed card has a sense of decay and deterioration. At best stagnation and inertia. It may represent a business that is losing money, or someone who is taking heavy financial losses. In a swordey context, it could mean losing credibility. In a wandey context it could indicate a poor harvest, diseased crops. Severe illness, probably of the progressive degenerative kind. Perhaps a home and family crumbling, prosperity dying away. Lush fields turning into deserts. A sense of whithering away. In a cuppish context, emotional deterioration, descent into hatred, bitterness, anger. In summary, a card of crumbling away, whithering away, deteriorating, decaying, breaking up/down/apart.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Success Unfulfilled
Element: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Decan: Saturn in Taurus; May 11 – 20
Thumbnail Meaning: Reflection, evaluation, wasted promise, hopes deceived.

The Seven of Pentacles shows a man resting on his staff, regarding a bush (or is it a vine?) full of pentacles. He is tired. Perhaps he is the solitary traveler in the Eight of Cups, now at a different point in his journey.

In this card, much labor has been expended and come to naught. Failure is not necessarily indicated–but something has gone wrong. Perhaps the man in this card is not on a journey, but is surveying the crops on his land–which are growing without yielding any fruit.

It may be time to change course, especially if you’ve reached the threshold of diminishing returns. If paired with cards of transition, such as the Two of Pentacles or the Wheel of Fortune, the change may happen with or without your input.

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