Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

7 of swords

7 of Swords


The Seeker is Running from Something, Revealing Secrets the Querent doesn’t want anyone to know about, Lone-Wolf, Lying, Taking the Easy Way Out, Solitary Plans, Protect your Possessions because Someone might be out to Rip You Off, Sneaky, Deceiving or Being Deceived, Betrayal, Having a Secret, Being Two-Faced, Be Careful whom you Trust, Flight from Unlawful Act, Keeping Something to Yourself, Stealing, Covering your Tracks, Paranoia, Don’t Allow Others to take Advantage of You, An Unwise Attempt, Maneuvering Behind the Scenes, can also indicate a hidden dishonor , Sudden Impulse,


Return of Stolen Property, Poor Advice, Exposing Fraud, Lack of Support, Underestimating Skills, Surrender when Victory is almost in Sight, Someone who has Lied, Slander, Reluctance to Carry through Actions when Necessary, Babbling, Inability and Reluctance to Complete what has been started, Being Caught Doing Something Wrong,

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a figure running away from a tented encampment carrying five swords. This is as many as he can mange to carry, and two Swords are left behind, sticking vertically out of the sand. In the distance, silhouetted against the orange desert sky, a small group, perhaps camp guards, sit around a table, eating or perhaps playing games, unaware of what is happening in the foreground of the picture. The first impression here is obviously theft. However, remember that we are in the suit of swords. Crime and legal matters come under swords, so the theft could be of a wide range of possibilities. But if we look at things first from a Sword point of view, we have to think about Intellect, Learning, Information, News, Military matters, and Conflict and Struggle, all of which are swordish concepts. In swordey terms, we can think about taking information or ideas without permission, or unfairly. So, the symbol may represent stealing someone else’s ideas. In an academic sense, it would be taking someone else’s research, and claiming it as your own. Perhaps even copying their work verbatim. These two would amount to plagiarism. The card may indicate an infringement of copyright, or a violation of a registered patent. In terms of information, we might think of hacking, and remember that information technology comes under Swords as well. It could represent extracting information or pumping someone for info on something. The card may represent spying, perhaps industrial espionage. In a more general sense, the symbol may represent dishonesty, not being genuine. Perhaps being selfish, always taking but rarely giving.

The reversed card could be regarded in two ways: Either, taking information, but in a straightforward way, with no hint of theft or dishonesty. Perhaps studying, doing research, gathering information. Perhaps asking for advice or ideas, which are then freely given to the querent. However, the symbol has a very strong flavor of dishonesty about it, so, unless the context justifies this interpretation, the disingenuous option would be more likely. Or, the reversal could mean that instead of taking ideas or information dishonestly, someone is giving out ideas dishonestly. This could amount simply to lies, or pehaps something is said or written that the perpetrator believes to be true, but is in fact false. So in this sense, the card could represent slander or libel. Perhaps spreading malicious gossip. May be disinformation. Deliberately misleading information. Small print in a contract perhaps.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Unstable Effort
Element: Air
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Decan: Moon in Aquarius; February 9 – 18
Thumbnail Meaning: Futility, striving in vain, “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory,” evasion.

Look at the card on the right. It shows a man sneaking about, with more swords than he can carry––and he’s made the wise decision to hold them by the blades. He’ll cut his hands open!

This “scheme” ends up hurting the schemer––the essence of the Seven of Swords.

This is the plot of too many stories to count. Sometimes, Machiavellian cunning doesn’t have the desired effect.

This is not a wholly negative card. Wit and cunning can be a great asset. Preparation is necessary in all great projects. When these traits are coupled with unstable efforts, unreliability and deception, much work is wasted.

The Seven of Swords implies an element of self-defeat masked by confidence. This card can signal a hidden, unconscious obstacle to progress, which must be addressed before progress can be made.

It can also refer to an unreliable, deceptive or unstable person, someone locked in a self-sabotaging pattern or that pattern itself.

Futile action may have nobility if undertaken for a higher principle. The Thoth tarot’s Seven of Swords shows six small swords, carring the symbols of five planets and the moon, doing battle against a much larger sword, with the insignia of the sun.

Crowley describes this as “a contest between the many feeble and the one strong.” Think of the fight scene in Cool Hand Luke. Even in a futile battle, there remains an essential, inner strength.

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