Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

seven of wands tarot card meaning
7 Of Wands


Courage and Determination in order to Succeed, Being Aggressive, Being Firm, Success may be achieved through sustained effort, Negotiations, Demonstrating Strong Character, Courage in the Face of Hardship, Great Courage in Conflicts and Difficulties, Going after what you want, Stand your Ground, Strength of Nerve, Taking the Offensive, Stiff Competition in Business, Holding one’s own, Asserting Yourself, Strength and Determination overcome real odds, Making your Point Forcefully, Defending your Position, Fighting, Standing up for what you Believe, Competition, Holding out against Pressure,


Uncertainty, Disadvantage, Losing the Advantage in a Battle you were trying to Win, Hesitancy, Worry and Frustration, Giving in, Fears of Responsibility, Embarrassments, Caution against Indecision, Anxiety, Being Threatened, Don’t let others take advantage of you, Feeling Threatened or Challenged, Defiance, Being Pushed against your Will, He who Hesitates is Lost, Doubt, Overwhelmed, Stress,, Being Pressured to do something you don’t want to do.

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Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Prudence
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Decan: Mars in Leo; August 12 – 22
Thumbnail Meaning: Courage, valour, fighting spirit; obstacles, opposition, wrangling, quarrels.

The suit of Wands is a suit of activity, energy, combat and conflict. Its cards touch on the exhilaration of the struggle, the zeal and dedication needed to win any battle.

There is a downside to these drives: frustration, disagreeing for the sake of disagreement, becoming addicted to the struggle and its adrenaline rush, thus ensuring a perpetuation of the status quo.

The Seven of Wands is one of the purest expressions of this contradiction. In it, one man holds off all comers with a single wand. It isn’t easy for him, and who knows if he will succeed. Is he in the right, or are they? It’s not clear.

This card is the “Lord of Valour.” Valour refers to courage in battle. The word comes from the Latin valere, which means “to be strong, to be worthy.” Romans used to use this word as a salutation.

This card, like the poem, represents the best of what masculinity has to offer: integrity, courage in the face of danger, a strong will, determination. It can also refer to thoughtless fighting and meaningless struggles.

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