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I absolutely LOVE the Shadowscapes Tarot, inasmuch as one can love an inanimate object. But to me, this deck IS a living entity, like I’m holding an entire other-world in my hands. I do recommend the book, because the artist gives her own insights for each card, and Barbara Moore rounds it out with some refreshingly pragmatic tarot information. These collaborative efforts are my favorite type of presentation for a tarot companion book.
I got the deck (with the LWB) for my birthday over a year ago, and it’s been my primary reading deck ever since. I acquired the kit only a month after being gifted the deck, because I wanted the book. I am very glad to have both.

This is my all time favorite tarot deck. I love Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s art. She is a water color artist. Her creatures are ethereal and lovely.

its lovely but the cards a small in comparison to the detail in the imagery and the card stock is standard Llewellyn which isnt terrible, i just prefer a little sturdier type card stock. Also the deck has a slight boarder which is fine and the book is lovely too although no reversal interpretations as is relatively typical of Barbara Moore.

Its a beautiful deck however I find the size of the cards don’t do the detail in the images justice. Card stock is standard Llewellyn so a little on the flimsy side for my liking. The cards have a slight border which is fine and the guidebook is beautiful, full page B&W representations but contains no information on reversals which is standard for Barbara Moore guidebooks. The deck shuffles really well and reads beautifully. You can approach it from an intuitive perspective also if that’s how you like to work, if not it follows the RWS symbolism in its own unique way. The images are soft and whimsical, they have a gentile, fluid and dreamy energy. A great all rounder deck and its suitable to beginners as well.

I have it and really like it. Yes, it can be hard to see all the details with the size of the card, but I find the deck very readable. If you have have a smartphone or tablet you can get the app very cheap and see if you like the deck before investing in the deck itself. This deck is a favorite of mine. I use it when I need an accurate message given to me in a ‘”softer” or gentler tone. It gives a straightforward message in a nice way.

I bought it for the art trying to find something that fell between my beloved deviant moon tarot that I read with regularly versus the fairies and unicorns some of my clients want. smile emoticon It’s a great deck and I’m reading with it with some consistency now. I agree with OTHERS though, it’s a busy deck. Don’t count on the book for too much input if you are a beginning reader.

I like it. It’s not necessarily for beginners but some folks don’t like how small the cards are because of how detailed they are. They can be an odd mixture of subtle and blunt, and not subtle in the same way other decks are, it’s hard to explain.

Excellent choice – The companion book by Barbara Moore which is written in an incredible style; totally accessible and deep at the same time. We were jealously trying to analyse how the book so naturally and easily presented concepts such as non-linear time and neo-platonic dualism in just a few sentences without anyone realising it. It is worth the purchase for the book alone to see this done!

I had this deck, reading with it was really hard because there is so much going on in the cards. I really just enjoyed looking at them. I’m a huge fan of the artist. I ended up gifting them to my friend who had introduced me to tarot once upon a time. She adored them. I might get them again one day, might not. I can’t read with them but darn they make my eyes happy.

 I have the deck & I love the art work however with the pastel shades & the card shimmer it is difficult to see the details. This is the only deck that I have to use glasses for, otherwise I can not see the intricate cards well enough to be able to relax & enjoy them during a reading & I do find that I have to move the cards around to get the “shadow” in the right place, strangely enough.

 I was breathless with anticipation…then I opened it up an was awestruck at how much detail there is and how tiny it is. I love staring at them, but find that I don’t do many draws with them. I absolutely love the Pentacles and the Tower, Chariot and Death card.

Yes, I’d love this too…the artwork is gorgeous, but cards need to be larger to see all the minute details. Her prints on her website are so beautiful, would love to buy some eventually.

I agree comletely about the size issue;, and have always admired, and rejected it ultimately, because they are too small and just do not do justice to the artwork. THEY NEED TO BE LARGER. And I like small decks; generally I feel that tarot decks need to be more iconic, as suited to their small size…you get this brilliant artwork and then print it on a postage stamp, it just doesn’t work. Art that’s more cartoony (for example RWS or TdM) works better on a card. Art as fabulous as what we see on the Shadowscapes deserves to be seen.

The shadowscapes tarot, which primarily I find not attuned with and was hesitant purchasing it. But It found it’s way to me. When looking at the internet, I really wasn’t attuned to it. But when l had my first glance at it in person i so fell in love and connected with it easily.

I love the This deck but I do struggle to see all the fine details within the cards, it is the one & only deck that I have to use a pair of glasses to read with.

I understand why everyone loves this deck, it IS detailed… but this is also the reason I did not buy it. I like to explore pictures, but I could not do proper readings with this deck.

To me, how she paints the cards is wonderful, she creates intriguing shadows, images & odd “squiggles”, her colours & the silvery shimmers all create different images hidden within the background at different times. Sometimes I see things there that I have never seen before & yet sometimes when I look for them again, I will not see them afterwards. These are not so much, static or rigid images, they seem to change continually. It’s just a shame that being soft, pastel colours, my eyes struggle at times to focus on the smaller intricacies within.

Her art is gorgeous, and I own it. But the book is useless- the meanings don’t work, and it doesn’t ring intuitive bells for reading without book. Nevertheless- her art is absolutely stunning. So I own it

I agree, it is one of the prettiest decks out there. For me, it’s not as easy to read as others in my collection. I think it may work better as a meditation deck for me

I don’t have a problem reading with this deck – I read for myself and for others using it – I find it to have a delicate, airy kind of feeling that most other decks (that I own) don’t. It’s not my most used deck, but I have no problems reading with it. And I agree, it would be fabulous for meditative kind of readings (like a morning and evening card)

It’s sat on my shelf for years. Although nice artwork, it’s just not vivid enough for me. I like detail in cards but like them to be bold and stand out so I can see it whilst they’re laid out on the table in front of me. No good if I’ve got to pick each card up and hold 6 inches from my nose to see the detail lol, doesn’t get my intuition flowing (I read both ways)

Questions and Answers:

Q: Does it come with a book?

A: You can get Shadowscapes as a kit (which means it comes with a book or you can get it as a deck only (which means it comes with a LWB). the companion paperback which is a blessing as there are so many details that I missed in the cards as the detail is so delicate. to add to it , It’s a beautiful book with full page images of the cards (black and white, but they’re large and lovely.) Beautiful explanations of the cards and suits, as well.


Q: Does this deck do reversals?

A:  The book tells you there are no reversals (which I learned on) but it does give you the “shadow” side of each card, which is really cool.  for example…7 of Wands. The image is a mother vixen protecting her pups from a badger. The book interp is action is necessary to defend what’s yours. Being selfless & courageous. The shadow side to that is not taking a stand, allowing others to take from you what you worked hard for. So, depending on where the card falls, the situation being discussed & the cards around it, you’ll know exactly how to read it.


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I got my new Shadow scapes Tarot today in the mail. I really love it. I have just skimmed the deck and book so far but it is beautiful. I haven’t bought a new deck in a long time and I am happy I got this one. Can’t wait to do a reading with it!!!

Becky Rodriguez

The Shadowscape Tarot is fairly new and beautiful. My only complaint is that I wish they would have made it bigger to catch all of the detail easier. Still with my glasses they read very well.

Becky Rodriguez

Fiona Benjamin
I won’t lie… I absolutely hated the Shadowscapes Tarot and was really disappointed when I got it because I found it so difficult to read. I tucked it in the bottom of my Tarot collection, calling it a loss. Every morning, when I started my readings, I would open my drawer and I felt it pulling at me. I gave in. I read with it every day for a week. I have grown to like it so much that I have been reading exclusively with it all day. I found that this reading delivers messages in a much more positive light and hopeful light. I truly am growing to love it. I think I understand know why I hated it so much… I am used to getting a new deck and reading with it immediately. This one, I needed to form a bond with first. Now, I can’t get enough of it and its uplifting messages!

    Becky Rodriguez

    actually you should get the art books. It will tell you about how the deck was drawn and the process of the art. It would help you understand the deck better

Becky Rodriguez

i love this deck for its beauty and do read with it with clients. the only issue i have is that the details are so small and many of my clients are older and have to put their reading glasses on to see them!

Becky Rodriguez

I have worked with the same deck for professional readings for almost 15 years. When I saw the Shadow scapes Deck I had to have it. I have done several professional readings with it and they have all turned out great! I still use my old tried and true deck for most readings but I get a pull to use this Deck for specific clients. It is such a beautiful and feminine deck. The death card is my favorite…a Phoenix!

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