Should I use Multiple tarot decks or be skilled at one?

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A question, if I may, to those who have many different Tarot decks … do you use them all regularly, or have favorite decks that you use for different applications or different spreads ? Which decks do you find are best to use in conjunction with astrology ? Every time I pick up another deck in the shops, there’s this little voice that hassles me to put it back on the shelf & use the one I have !!!

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I, for one, am one of the people who reads with one deck and one deck only. I may own over 20 of them, and I love to compare the symbolism on the cards from one to the next in study, but in terms of reading, I have always gotten the best out of my pocket Rider-Waite and I like the additional fact that because I do not vary the spread nor the deck, those are two factors I don’t have to be consciously thinking about when I am doing a reading for a client. I can focus entirely on what the cards mean to me and what they are telling me, because I’m not also trying to remember the differences in the deck, or what this position in this spread means, etc.

Obviously, if people were only meant to have one deck, though, there wouldn’t be over 500 on the market to choose from, so everyone will find their niche and work with it. However, it is possible to work with one deck and not feel as though you are limiting yourself. It all depends on what you feel your limits are.

As for working with astrology and tarot, the thoth tarot has some astrological meanings associated with them, but it should be noted that you should take the time to read one of the books associated with the deck as it increases the knowledge you need to read both the tarot and astrology aspects of the cards.

If I were you, I would listen to that inner voice regarding the cards – different decks work for different people, and what works for someone else may not work for you. There have been decks that I have seen that absolutely do nothing for me, and those I stay away from.

I also have some non-Tarot decks, but these I find are better used as a personal guidance tool – just my opinion, of course. I have a deck called 11:11 that was given to me as a gift.

Hope that helps you out!

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