Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

six of cups tarot meaning

6 Of Cups


peace to the emotional body, Represents people – places and situations that bring harmony a, The most comfortable and pleasant people in ones life, Soulmates, sharing, Contentment, reminders of an often positive childhood, Simple Joys, A gift from an admirer, Good Will, Means reminders of years gone by, Kind acts, Sentimental feelings,

disappointment, Bad Memories of days gone by, living in the past, outworn friendships, Thanklessness,

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts two children playing in a courtyard or garden. One child holds a cup and enjoys the scent of a flower. One cup stands on a stone plinth, and four cups are upright in the foreground. All of the cups have flowers growing out of them. The immediate impact is one of happy childhood. The image might represent happy childhood memories. Perhaps it means happy memories from the past in general terms. Nostalgia. The plants in the Cups are a wandish feature of the card. But there are no voluptuous grapes as in the nine of coins, for example. There is here more a sense of brand new, or early growth. The plants are in flower, but not yet ready to bear fruit. The image might indicate a lot of new ideas fermenting. Ideas that have not yet been fully formulated. As we are in cups, perhaps a lot of ideas about artistic projects are starting to flower, but as yet, a long way from bearing fruit. The image may represent making new friends, developing new relationships.

Reversed: The reversed card may indicate unhappy memories. Perhaps the querent is being haunted by something in his/her past. It may be that the querent is isolated, and finding it difficult to form new friendships.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Pleasure

Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Decan: Sun in Scorpio, November 2 – 12
Thumbnail Meaning: Well-being, satisfaction, good memories, giving and receiving pleasure.

Like the Two of Cups, the Six of Cups is a generally pleasant card. The tarot’s four sixes all represent breakthroughs and successes. This card represents the triumph of pleasure in its highest form.

The hangover of the last two cards has passed. This allows a deeper, humbler and more generous sense of pleasure to come.

Unlike the Six of Swords, where success is earned through struggle, this card suggests harmony without strain. Pleasure comes naturally, and is shared naturally.

In the this card, one child offers another a cup filled with flowers. He is also smelling the flower as he hands it to her. It’s an image of innocent generosity and the pleasures of childhood.

The 6 of Cups is, above all else, a card of harmony between the internal and external world. The mind is not turned in on itself or divorced from reality; there is no hidden restlessness or torpor; the feelings of happiness come from shared joy, impersonal interests and inner peace.

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