Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

six of pentacles tarot card meaning

6 of Pentacles


A Kind Heart, Repayment of Favours, One will Soon Receive what is Rightfully theirs, Clearance of Debts, Having Money to Give Away-having to ask for Money, Rewards from Success shared with others., Offering-Receiving, Offering-Taking Advice, Bonus or Raise, Loans Repaid, Charity, Giving-Receiving, Helping Others, Teaching-Learning, Generosity, Giving a Loan-Getting a Loan, Lucrative Business Transaction, Showing or Being Shown the Ropes, Gifts (Giving or Receiving), Financial Assistance could be on the way, Money Matters on a Stable Footing, Leading-Following, Taking Care of-Being Taken Care of, Gratitude, Supporting-Being Supported,


Loss of Money through Carelessness, Being Possessive of What you Have, Money Owed, Selfishness, Loans come Due, Not Having Money to Help Others In Need, Mishandling Money, Unfairness, Theft, Miserliness-Being a Tightass, Not being Charitable and Giving when you are able to, Reckless and Careless Behaviour with Money, Underhanded Dealings, Envy of What Others Have, Not getting the Loan, Accumulating Debts, Greed,

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a figure who in one hand is holding a pair of scales, while with the other hand he is giving away money. Two figures with their backs to us kneel before him, gratefully accepting his charity. The immediate impression is one of charity and generosity. There is also a strong sense of fairness, symbolized by the scales. We can expand the sense of generosity into other areas than money. It might indicate a person who is generous with their time. A a teacher who is ready to give a little bit extra to poorly performing students perhaps. There is a general sense of fairness in the image. Treating others with equal politeness, for example. Ready to give others a fair hearing. Weighing the evidence carefully and coming to a fair and equitable conclusion. The image may represent a mediator, and adjudicator.

The obvious reversal is meanness and unfairness. For the meanness aspect, compare the 4 of Coins. Perhaps someone who won’t listen to both sides of an argument.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Material Success
Element: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Decan: Moon in Taurus; May 1 – 10
Thumbnail Meaning: Success, giving and receiving, generosity, sharing.

The Six of Pentacles suggests generosity and a gift freely given. The hardship has passed, or is attenuated by a gift. It also suggests charity and kindness, without ulterior motive.

If I had to sum up this card in a phrase, I would pick “truly altruistic exchange.” Altruism means putting yourself above others. Pure altruism is not possible–unless you’re being controlled by robots, you have some selfish reason for helping. Still, help freely given, without expectation of return or a favor down the line, comes pretty close.

In the Rider-Waite tarot, the beggar on the right has the Hebrew letter “Yod” in his pocket. We see this letter, in this deck, on a few other cards, including the Ace of Swords and the Wheel of Fortune. Yod is the first letter in the Tetragrammaton, and represents God’s omnipresence.

The man giving coins holds the scales of justice as well. Perhaps the man with letter in his pocket does not need help; he may need to discover what he has on his own.

Some forms of “helping” are misguided and harmful. For example, a nation that is both overpopulated and starving cannot be made prosperous through food aid and better medical care. Anything done for others must take into account not only their needs, but their futures.

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