Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

six of wands tarot card meaning

Six of Wands


Advancement, Having a high opinion of yourself, Achievement, Success, Victory, Getting Praise or a Compliment, Hopefulness – and Satisfaction in what has been achieved, Pride, Gain, You got something you were after, Enjoying Healthy Self-esteem, Receiving an Award, Promotion, Good news, Achieving Recognition, Feeling Worthy, Being Acknowledged,


Postponed Trip, Arrogant Winner, Possibly Bad News, not being Recognized, Delayed News, Delaid Successes, Not being Noticed, Disloyalty, Fear, Apprehension, A loss in a Personal Battle, Delayed Rewards, Indecision, Failure, Things not working out, Arrogant Person, Delay, Fear about the outcome of a situation,

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Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Victory
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Decan: Jupiter in Leo; August 2 – 11
Thumbnail Meaning: Victory after a struggle, the pleasures of success, pride.

The Six of Wands indicates triumph. The conflict has finished and ended in success; now the celebration begins.

The word glory, from the Latin gloria, sums up this card’s meaning very well. While it denotes “great praise, honor or distinction,” its original meaning is closer to “boasting, showing off.”

Don’t get too hopeful just yet––this card may not refer to your glory! If you draw the Six of Wands, here are some things that may be indicated by it:

Winning a battle
Being given an award for achievement
Having one’s talents recognized and respected
Completing a project successfully
Having one’s work pay off
Becoming much better at something, succeeding in some way

And here are some of the less positive aspects of the card:

Boasting, showing off
Believing one is entitled to recognition, even if one hasn’t earned it
Hubris; humiliating the defeated for pleasure of self-gratification
Excessive pride
Pyrrhic victory
A hollow success, via scheming, cheating and intrigue, that backfires

The imagery of the Rider-Waite’s card suggests ostentation, recognition and leadership. The man on the horse is crowned by a laurel wreath––an Roman symbol of martial victory, worn by a military commander during his triumph. Success has not only been earned, but recognized.

A surprising number of tarot decks include horses on this card. This may be due to influence of the Rider-Waite tarot, though it shows up in decks that are by no means Waite clones, such as the Tarot of Reflections. Horses are historically symbols of honor, nobility, power and grace.

Sixes are pleasant cards, coming after the strife of cards 2 through 5. They represent breakthroughs, triumphs and the restoration of stability. Because this card is in the suit of Wands, the martial, energetic aspects of this breakthrough are emphasized.

This card has a lot in common with the Six of Swords, the “Lord of Earned Success.” Unlike the Six of Swords, which is in the suit of the intellect and reason, this card implies a certain optimism and passion.

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