Strength Tarot Card Meaning


strength tarot card meaning

8 – Strength:

Keywords: Soft control, life experience, wisdom, gentle persuasion, leading by example

The energy of the Strength card comes to us through understanding that true leadership is by example and not by force. Through living our lives we begin to understand that life isn’t so simple. Through our wounds we gain wisdom and learn to empathize with others. They are naturally drawn to our gentle leadership. There is no need to manhandle our issues or anyone else for that matter… kid gloves will work just as well if we know how to use them. The strength of experience and wisdom may not appear stronger, but appearances can be deceiving.

Strength card #8

Astrological Sign: Leo


Gentleness will Accomplish what Force Cannot, Your Strength Comes from Within, Control of our Emotions, Remember that Strength Comes with Love, Nurturing, Soft Control, Compassion, Triumph, Spiritual Power, Love Triumphs Over Hate, One with Nature, Dealing Calmly with Frustration, Seizing Control of your Destiny, Self-Control and Willpower, Animal Lover, Courage / Inner Strength, Discipline, Acceptance of Others, Ability to Endure Hardships, A Synthesis of Masculine and Feminine Qualities, Gentleness, A Rapid Recovery from an illness, The Power of Love, Endurance, Having Stamina, Kindness, Being able to influence (Gently), Refusing to get Angry, Strength and Power that comes Under Control, Perseverance, Trusting Your Own Abilities, Patience, You can Deal with Whatever Life Throws at You, Physical and Mental Strength, Peacemaker.

This is the Card of Being Assertive Rather than Aggressive


Weakness, Giving Up / Surrender, Withdrawal, Inability to Act, Resorting to intimidation in an Effort to Manipulate Others., Not Following Through with Plans and Projects, etc., Too Emotional / Uncontrolled Emotions, Pessimism, Insecurity, Pettiness, Fear, Bad Habits, A Situation is Weak, Abuse of Power, Lack of Passion for Animals, Lack of Willpower and Self Discipline, Defeat, Fear of the Unknown within Ourselves, Abandoning your Values, Lack of Faith, Surrendering to Opposition, Not Thinking Situations Through, Lack of Harmony in your Life, Loose of Nerve, A Self-indulgent Person, Feelings of Inadequacy, Loss of Opportunity, A Domineering Attitude,

Advice – Don’t Lose Your Nerve

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Brianna Stoker

Element: Air Suit: Swords

Strength is associated with the element Air, and therefore with Swords. Like the Chariot, it represents, determination, strength, confidence. But the Chariot is very much an aggressive, attacking sort of strength, while Strength is more of a defensive sort of strength. Whereas the Chariot indicates thrusting, driving forward, Strength represents holding your ground, fighting your corner. Strength represents fortitude, resilience. Perhaps think of the Chariot as being an irresistible force, and Strength as the immovable object. Strength indicates a refusal to give way, being implacable. Holding your own in an argument, standing up for yourself. Not prepared to be intimidated or bullied. Standing your ground. Sure of your ground. Indicates courage, bravery, valor.

The reversed card suggests giving way, backing down, not fighting your corner. Lacking in confidence. Giving in to intimidation. Easily swayed, easily persuaded. Corrupt, open to bribes. Surrendering. Giving up without a fight. Lacking confidence, or self-confidence. Weak character. Accepting defeat. It might indicate cowardice, running away, unable to face facts, hiding one’s head in the sand. It might indicate fear, terror, dread.

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