Tarot Meditation: A lesser known use for the tarot

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One thing I’ve been doing lately is sitting down with my thesaurus and focusing on a single card for a couple of hours as I try to write out a page full of words related to that card. It’s very empowering and has opened up the cards for me a great deal. For example: I was writing about the Emperor and came upon the image of a clock, where I realized that the mechanism of a clock suits the idea of the Emperor in lots of different ways. Another realization is how many of the same words connect different cards…several connected the Chariot with Temperance for me and I hadn’t brought them together like that before…so I thought I’d pass this meditation technique on to those who are using tarot for meditation…I’ve found my thesaurus very useful for meditation in all kinds of areas..where words are symbols full of mulch-faceted meanings, just the like the cards

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