Teaching children the tarot – Tips on how to if you personally feel the time is right

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Teaching children the tarot

As a reader I’ve had a few people ask me if you should teach children about the tarot and how to read it. This is a complex question to answer since it all depends on your belief system when it comes to the age that’s appropriate. Now there are some people that will say that the tarot can be learned at any age, whereas others would convince you that the tarot should be learned at a mature enough age to understand it.

If your looking for a way to help them work into reading the tarot here are a few ideas:

Instead of trying to teach her everything at once, you could just try introducing her to a few different cards gradually. I wouldn’t try to teach her all the position meanings of the Celtic Cross or any other complex spreads. It might be better to do really simple one, two or three card spreads for a few years until she/he is a bit older.

And instead of trying to teach her/he all 78 cards at once (you could put her off), you could just show her a few different cards at a much slower pace. So that hopefully, in a few years time, she has a bit of Tarot ‘background’, and can get more into it if she likes. For example, if your doing a spread, and she comes up and shows interest, pick out one or two cards, and explain what they mean, instead of trying to explain all the cards.

Also, leave a few tarot books lying around, preferably ones that aren’t too complex, and ones that have lots of lovely pictures – that might spark her interest. I know that some of the cheaper tarot books are a bit cheesy and aren’t really for the serious student, but they can be good for beginners, just to learn the basics, and they usually have lots of great glossy pictures.

If in a few years time, if she is still interested, you may want to buy her her own tarot deck. Something like the Hanson-Roberts deck or The Miracle Tarot is also very beautiful, I think that it would really appeal to children, as the people in the cards have a real ‘cartoony’ look about them, and they appear very magical.

My Opinion

My personal belief is that the tarot should be learned when the person is more mature and can understand not only the meanings whether easy or complex, but also the advice they are giving out. In the long run it is up to you to decide whether or not your child should be reading the tarot at the age that they are currently at. As they say with great power comes great responsibility.

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