Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

ten of cups tarot card meaning
10 of Cups


family and home, Happy Family Life, togetherness, Contentment, bright future, perfect love between people, Search for fullfillment is marked with success, True Friendship, Reasons to celebrate, peaceful secure environment,



Sudden discruption of a ordered environment, lack of harmony, loss of a friendship, children giving problems, A family Quarrel,

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a couple, holding each other close, and enjoying the warmth an beauty of the rainbow, which is laced with ten golden Cups. Next to them, two happy young children are skipping and dancing together. This is a fantastic card. For sheer joy and happiness, it takes some beating. In fact, as far as the minor Arcana is concerned, it is the best card in the deck. As far as the Tarot as a whole goes, the only card that can beat it is The Sun. If you ever do a reading for someone, and the ten of Cups appears in close association with The Sun, you are looking at a very lucky querent. If the nine of Coins turns up as well as these, well, that’s about as good as gets!! The image is so powerful that it hardly needs explanation. In short, paradise-found!


The trouble with paradise-found cards is that right-side-up they are really good, but up-side-down, they are extremely bad. Compare the 9 of Coins reversed. If the ten of Cups-Reversed ever turns up in a reading in close association with the nine of Coins-Reversed, or the eight of Cups right-side-up, or, heaven forbid, turns up with both of these, and The Sun-Reversed, then you are looking at a very, very unfortunate querent. This is about as bad as it gets!!

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Perfected Success
Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Decan: Mars in Pisces; March 11 – 20
Thumbnail Meaning: Bliss, gratitude, salvation through love.

The Ten of Cups is a card of tradition, tribe and transcendence.

Tradition – from the Latin trādere, meaning “to hand over, to surrender.” Each generation hands over something of themselves to the next one. In the Rider-Waite tarot, this card shows a couple embracing, while two children play beside them––a portrait of a family.

Tribe – A tribe is a social group united by kinship and culture. The family is the “elemental unit” of any tribe, allowing it to continue through its children, and giving the tribe’s culture its fullest expression in education and ritual.

Transcendence – To transcend something is literally “to climb beyond” it. Transcendence is a state beyond the normal range of human experience, including highly pleasurable states like drunkenness and orgasm. This state surpasses the pleasures and luxuries symbolized by the previous cards in this suit, and approaches the divine.

Up until now, the suit of cups has cycled through “abundance, luxury, disappointment.” This card offers an opportunity to go beyond this cycle and find lasting fulfillment in love and belonging.

In the Golden Dawn tradition, this is a card of “permanent and lasting success and happiness, because inspired from above.” It is associated with Mars––the planet, and the God––which contrasts strongly with peaceful Pisces, a water sign. In most decks, this contrast is not alluded to, though the Thoth Tarot uses reds, oranges and yellows to give the card a somewhat foreboding feel.

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