Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

ten of pentacles tarot card meaning

10 of Pentacles


Security in Family Life and Old Age, Stable Foundations for Businesses and Homes, Now may be the time to settle down and make the arrangements, Comfort, Seeing your Ventures Flourish, Emotional and Financial Stability, Inheritance, Family Reunion, Material Security, Enjoying Business Success, Represents Happiness and Security, Work toward a lasting solution., Having a Run of Good Fortune, Maintaining Family Traditions, Enjoying Home and Family., Good Foundation, Wealth and Prosperity, Being Free from Money Problems, Tranquil Family Life, this card may be telling you to concentrate on the long-term., that will work for you far into the future., Taking Part in Traditions, Achievement, Security in Family, Work and Finances, Becoming Part of the Establishment, Financial Stability, Family Matters, Family Tradition and Values, Creating a Lasting Foundation.


Family Misfortune, Legal Problems, Insecurity; not knowing what will happen next, Loss of Family Wealth or Reputation, Unstable Finances, Domestic Strife Resulting from Financial Worries, Family Arguments about Money, The Breaking up of an Estate after a Death, Having to Live on a Tight Budget, Material Loss, Family Squabbles, Gambling, Robbery.

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Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Wealth
Element: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Decan: Mercury in Virgo; September 12 – 22
Thumbnail Meaning: The acme of success, wealth, security, generation and regeneration.

This card represents the height of material achievement. Great wealth, leisure, security, fertility are all implied by its image. Above all this is a card of “inheritance,” whether of property, skill, worldview or tradition.

As a card of the earth, the Ten of Pentacles can also refer to a great harvest, leading to success and shared joy.

This card shows four people: an old man, a young man, a young woman and a child. The young man stands under an arch with heraldic inscriptions and holds a spear––a symbol of protection. He could be a guard, or the woman’s husband and the child’s father; either way, he has a responsibility to them, as do they to him.

The two greyhounds are classic symbols of loyalty and fidelity. In this card, they look up at the old man adoringly, while the child reaches out to pet one. Dogs are loyal and loving by nature; it is this loyalty and love that completes the tableau.

In the image at right, and in many other tarot decks, the ten pentacles are arranged in the same shape as the Kabbalistic tree of life. This perplexingly un-tree-like shape symbolizes the path to God.

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