Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

ten of wands tarot card meaning
10 of Wands


Fortune, Feel you are being Burdened with something, Gain, Being held Accountable, Never having Time to Relax, Shouldering all the Work, Having to Work for every Gain, Having to Work Overtime, Overburdened Feeling, Assuming Responsibility, Heavy burdens. Responsibilities, Excessive Pressure, Carrying excess Baggage around with you, Lack of Social Life due to the Demands of a Project or Job, Bringing Home all you have, Finding that Nothing comes easily, Good Fortune that is now a Burden, Trying to do too much.


Time to start rebuilding, Strength, Energy, Getting rid of that which has been holding you back, Feeling a weight lifted from your shoulders, Worst is over, Clean start.

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Brianna Stoker

this card depicts a figure with his back toward us, bent over and struggling to carry the weight of the ten heavy wands that he is carrying. The image is very striking and has an immediate impact of burden. The wands may represent the querent’s regrets, or feelings of guilt. Perhaps the querent’s mistakes or misjudgments. Perhaps the image represents someone who is ‘carrying a lot of baggage.’ Burdened with the memories of a failed marriage, a broken friendship. Someone burdened by a lot of problems, someone who is about to crack under the strain. As tens normally indicate the end of a cycle, the impression given is that the querent can’t manage to bing matters to a final conclusion. The card may indicate a disability. Someone who has a lot of disadvantages. Perhaps someone who is being left to do all the work, without any support. The Wands may represent the querent’s family or friends, or partner, who the querent has to ‘carry’, because they are not taking their share of the burden. The querent is having to soldier on with no support. The card may indicate that the querent has too many responsibilities, too many demands on his time and energy.

The reversed card gives the impression of being unburdened. Relieved of heavy responsibilities. Perhaps friends, family, or colleagues sharing the load, taking some of the weight off the querent’s shoulders. Perhaps the querent is coming to terms with regret or guilt about his past failures. The querent may want to unburden himself to his friends, or lover. Perhaps ask for advice and support. Note the similarity here with the nine of Wands-Reversed. The querent may want to ease his problems by talking to a shrink or councilor.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Oppression
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius
Decan: Saturn in Saggitarius; December 13 – 21
Thumbnail Meaning: Cruel and overbearing force and energy, applied to material and selfish ends; failure from selfishness, malice, obstinacy.

The Ten of Wands is a card of force without reason. The light has gone out of the world, and work becomes a burden. Tyranny reigns, and the tremendous energy of the previous nine cards turns against itself.

Unlike the previous card, which shows activity and inner strength, this card shows inner strength taxed beyond its ability.

Like the Ten of Swords, this card shows the powers of the suit detached from themselves. Here, energy has divorced itself from passion and the stream of life, making it ineluctably overbearing.

If you have been trying to cheat reality, you will find yourself more trapped by it, more “oppressed,” than if you worked with it from the beginning.

This card can refer to:

Pushing or being pushed too hard
Work without reward
Work without meaning
An intolerable burden
Cruelty; a cruel person
Loveless drudgery
An unnecessary war

If you draw this card, take heart. Know that nothing is hopeless. Now is the right time to reach out and connect with others, however difficult that may be.

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